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Texas Savings Deal: 1.35% On 2-Year CDs

NexBank raised the return on its 24-month CDs to 1.35% APY in March, and months later it’s still paying Texas savers that competitive return.

The best nationally available return from the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard has risen to 1.40% APY over that time.

But you must invest at least $25,000 to qualify for that rate from CIT Bank, which is considerably more than NexBank’s $10,000 minimum deposit. So we think NexBank is still well worth considering.

That’s why we’re still including it in our rankings of the highest CD rates from credit unions and community banks.

The regional Texas bank sells certificates of deposit online and at its single branch – 6121 Luther Lane, Dallas – to anyone who lives in the state.

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