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New Leader Emerges In 2-Year CD Rates

First City Bank, which has five branches in Florida's Fort Walton Beach area, has jumped to the top of our rankings.

First City Bank, with five branches in Florida’s Fort Walton Beach area, has jumped to the top of our rankings of the best 24-month CD rates.

It’s paying 2.25% APY with a very reasonable $1,000 minimum deposit.

That pushes Golf Savings Bank, which is paying 2.20% APY with a hefty $10,000 minimum deposit, down to second.

First City’s offer is available to savers nationwide and accounts can be opened online.

Click here to see how much you can earn with these rates using our CD calculator.

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  1. sangiovese said:
    on April 19th at 08:42 am

    What is the reason you do not post the banks rating when you publish these rates? This bank only has a ONE STAR rating with Not worth the hassle if taken over by the fed for a small percent in interest compared to other banks with better ratings. Safe, not Sorry.