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NBA Fans: Score A Checking Account Deal

Closeup picture of a basketballJust in time for the NBA playoffs, basketball fans nationwide have a shot at scoring a $100 gift card with BBVA Compass.

You just have to open an NBA Checking account and an NBA Savings account with the Alabama-based bank and make three online bill payments to get a gift card good for $100 worth of merchandise at the

That’s more than enough to grab a free replica jersey from your favorite NBA team.

While most offers from BBVA Compass are available only in the states in the South and West where this bank has branches, this offer is good regardless of where you live in the country. And you can customize your check card with the logo of your favorite NBA team.

To score the gift card, you need to open both the NBA Checking and the NBA Savings account with at least a $25 minimum deposit. Neither account has any fees if you sign up for eStatements. Paper statements will cost you $3 a month.

You don’t have to maintain a minimum balance in either account, but if you close an account within 180 days of opening it, you’ll pay a $25 penalty. The NBA Savings account pays minimal interest of 0.05% APY on all balances.

Once you open both accounts and activate online bill payment, you have 90 days to make three online payments of at least $50. Every payment must go to a different payee. After you make those payments, you’ll be able to redeem your $100 electronic gift card.

If you live in a state without a BBVA Compass branch, you might be concerned about ATM fees. The bank does not charge a fee for using another bank’s ATM, although that other bank might.

You can also use any ATM that is part of the Allpoint network free of charge.

All of the ATMs you see in 7-Elevens, Targets, Walgreens and Costcos, for example, belong to Allpoint.

BBVA Compass is based in Birmingham, Ala., and is the official bank of the NBA. It has more than 700 branches across seven states. If you don’t live near a branch, you can open your accounts online.

Visit or call 800-266-7277 for more information.

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