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National City $150 Bonus

National City Bank is running a FREE $150 bonus. You need to sign up for their checking account, link your account with direct deposit, and swipe your check card 10 times to qualify.

Offer expires Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. spectator said:
    on December 28th at 01:30 pm

    hey you guys, don’t be haters. although the quality of this blog is deteriorating and posts lenght diminishing, let the man enjoy his millions of dollars !!

  2. wlc101 said:
    on December 28th at 02:27 pm

    Anyone Know Any better Sites Than This One

  3. Seth said:
    on December 28th at 04:07 pm


  4. Al G Sanchez said:
    on December 28th at 04:10 pm

    I recently signed up for the Chase bank account for the $125 bonus. I’d like to open this account too. Thing is, I have FNBO Direct, ING, Wells Fargo, a local credit union.

    That’s 3 savings accounts, and 4 checking, with National City being #5!

    Can I have too many accounts? Will it effect my credit history/ report? I don’t want to do anything that will harm my credit!

  5. countdown said:
    on December 28th at 04:59 pm

    Good find, I submitted it to to share with others, thanks, countdown

  6. Investor said:
    on December 28th at 05:57 pm

    There’s another great site for deals and best CD rates:

  7. Begger said:
    on December 28th at 06:58 pm

    i think this is the best site currently

  8. Seth said:
    on December 28th at 08:38 pm

    Yea there are a bunch of sites like this and probably a lot more now. I like the most although i think they are fairly new. bankdeals.blogspot is a good one too, they have been around for a long time. They dont get that much participation though (ie comments)

    …never heard of bloggingbank…

  9. stevo said:
    on December 28th at 11:48 pm

    The thing is, most financial institutions will do a credit pull when you apply for an account, even on deposit accounts like this one where no credit is actually being issued. You have to way the benefits against the ding on your credit report.

  10. Matty said:
    on December 29th at 07:28 pm

    Awesome! What a cool offer.

  11. eric said:
    on December 29th at 09:15 pm

    At North Community Bank they are giving away free $50 Macy gift cards through the end of 2008 for new checking accounts with $100 deposit. Pretty sweet deal.


  12. Tracy said:
    on December 30th at 12:12 am

    If you do the North Community Bank deal, I noticed in the fine print they send out a $25 gift card for opening the checking account, then another $25 gift card when you initiate direct deposit. Does anoyone know if it would be possible to just get the $25 card for opening the account without doing direct deposit?

  13. eric said:
    on December 30th at 04:00 am

    I think you can get the first 25 for just depositing in 100 bucks. I posted your comment on hopefully i will get a response then report back

  14. Tom said:
    on December 30th at 06:59 pm

    This is a good site. I still appreciate all of the work that has gone into it and I think it’s awesome he made money from it. American capitalism is alive and well! I do also use BestCashCow and bankdeals also.

  15. said:
    on December 30th at 07:22 pm

    We came across another deal at Archer Bank – $50 Free Gas when you open a checking account by 12/31/08 with $100 minimum deposit.

    Read details here:

    Bankmode Team

  16. ryan said:
    on December 30th at 08:20 pm

    hey bank mode,

    let me guess. your “team” consists of one person….part time…

    am i right?

  17. ING Bank $25 Cash Bonus said:
    on December 31st at 03:25 am

    ING $25 Bonus – make sure you follow the rules. $25 show up immediately after you complete the application. One time use only.

    Click here for the $25 Bonus.

  18. Please Explain said:
    on December 31st at 08:08 am

    Why do you all get excited over a $100 or less bonus. I mean realy, that is chump change. Meybe back in the 1950s it would be something. We need $1,000 bonuses to trust a bank with our money now.

  19. DebtBusters said:
    on December 31st at 05:18 pm

    This still is a great blog.

  20. Ted said:
    on January 9th at 03:27 pm

    I opened a, “New Wave” Checking account at Flagstar Bank. All I have to do is have a direct deposit each month ($250) and use my debit card 15 times per month (that’s hard) and they pay me $6/Month. Plus they gave me $100 to open the account (and establish the direct deposit) Not bad, $172 this year and $72 per year thereafter.

  21. Dean Schiller said:
    on August 5th at 06:56 am

    When opening the checking account via on-line for the free $150 Visa gift certificate, the coupon code that you enter will not accept. National City customer service says it is not working and cannot give an ETA for remediation. It has been broke for me since SAT AUG 1. Are there any other work arounds other than speaking with a Nat City employee?