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Nab A Chase Checking Account Bonus

You’ve got one more week to take advantage of the current cash bonus for opening a checking account at Chase.

The bank offers bonuses like this on a pretty regular basis, and they seem to be pretty popular with our readers.

We suspect that’s because this $100 is very easy to get.

Just open a new checking account, make a minimum deposit of $100 and sign-up for either direct deposit or make five debit
card purchases within the first 60 days. That’s it.

The $100 will be deposited into your account within 10 business days after one of the requirements is met.

If you continue making debit card purchases or direct deposits each month, there will be no monthly service fee.

You have free access to 15,000 Chase ATMs nationwide — a big advantage to having a Chase checking account. You also get free online bill pay and 24/7 assess with Chase Mobile on your phone.

You can apply online or in person, but you have to print a coupon from the Web site before heading to the bank.

But the offer expires next Sunday (Aug. 14, 2010).

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  1. Nancy said:
    on August 10th at 12:36 pm

    This ‘come-on’ is not worth it. I regret doing it. Their service is terrible all the way around from in-bank to on-line. They had some features that sounded great. In reality they conveniently ‘changed’ after we signed up. When I called for assistance the first person I talked to didn’t even know a certain feature was even available, the next one couldn’t help me, and the third one was so rude I hung up on her. The over-draft thing doesn’t work either. My son chose for his card to be declined if he didn’t have the money in the bank to cover his purchase. Sure enough it was declined and they sent him a text saying he only had 63 cents in his account. The next day they send him a text saying he had $6+ in his account and he hadn’t deposited anything. So he tried his card for $3 and it went through. That evening he got a text saying he was over-drawn $2+. YES – it is confusing. And then he got an overdraft fee for it.

  2. Anne said:
    on August 10th at 01:54 pm

    In general I agree with Nancy. I opened a checking account last year with either a $200 or $250 bonus and regretted it within a month of opening the account. I was (and still am) perfectly happy with my old bank, but the $200 was calling (although taxes ate into the reward significantly). I did not want to participate in direct deposit which left me the debit card purchases. (Normally I would not do this next part) The teller at the bank had me fill out the direct deposit paperwork (“for their files”) then gave me the original and promised me that they would NEVER send the form to my employer (I asked multiple times, and was always told they would never do that, particularly when all they had was a photocopy of the original). Needless to say that they sent that form to my employer TWICE that I knew of, trying to get them to switch the direct deposit. I knew that even if they sent in the paperwork, my employer would not just switch my direct deposit due to their say so (in person I have to jump through hoops to switch direct deposit, so a random mailing will not cut it), but I did not think that they would do it.

    I agree with Nancy that they are TOO BIG TO CARE, but I guess that they are not TOO BIG TO LIE. Go figure… Sad that I got another $200 mailing and considered opening another account. Will I never learn…

  3. Bogart said:
    on August 14th at 11:53 pm

    I signed up for this when the offer was $125, opening both a checking and savings account. One cool thing was that they let me fund the accounts (up to $500 each) using a credit card as the source of funds. I funded each account for the maximum using my Schwab Invest First card, which pays 2% cashback, thus netting me another free $20.