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Money Matters When Choosing A Mate

Poll QuestionSeems that people who end up in financially unstable relationships have only themselves to blame.

A survey by TD Ameritrade Inc. found that when seeking the perfect partner, personality, character and looks far outweighed money and potential earnings.

And by a significant margin – 20% considered personality important and 17% looks, but only 5% felt the same about potential earnings and 3% about money.

Seriously, looks fade over time whereas a solid job and bank account only stand to get better.

Not that we’re in favor of gold-digging, by any means. It’s not gold-digging to consider a potential life mate’s financial value or baggage.

And, after all, everyone has their own definition of attractiveness. We only wish that being financially responsible was higher on the list or perhaps considered an important element of someone’s attractiveness.

Interestingly, poor financial habits were deemed undesirable when finding the perfect partner, such as relying on parents for financial support and carrying significant credit card debit (both 65%) and poor money management skills (64%).

We don’t have to wonder what happens down the line, when a relationship succeeds and is taken to the next level. The survey also found that among couples, 40% said they didn’t trust their partner to manage their combined finances.


But that could be because 21% said they hide their spending.

Which may explain why couples report an average of five fights over money a year.

“While discussing money may not be the most romantic of gestures, it is important to not only have those financial discussions early in a relationship but to continue having them throughout your marriage to help avoid financial surprises and minimize financial arguments,” Carrie Braxdale, managing director of investor services at TD Ameritrade, said about the survey results.

We agree.




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  1. Hunain @ said:
    on September 30th at 07:08 am

    That’s true, I hide my salary from my girlfriend because if I told her how much I earn she will start demanding a lot without thinking about my financial conditions. I consider personality as the most important character when looking for a partner.