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Money Market Accounts

As investors search for reliable and high yielding accounts in today’s highly volatile market, they are turning to money market accounts. Not all money market accounts are created equally, though. These conscientious investors are looking for the best money market rates available. They’re finding incredible value, too.

Investors will come to notice that money market rates are largely superior to rates offered by banks with their personal savings accounts. Because money market accounts are handled largely online, there is little overhead required to keep track of them. This gives banks the ability to give out nice money market rates to those people who are willing to invest their hard earned dollars.

In today’s market, investors can hope to get anywhere from 4% to 6% on their money market rates. This is a very nice rate considering the fact that the money is liquid and there is no set time for when you can withdraw it. With outstanding money market rates drawing investors into this safe segment, bonds have seen a recent downturn.

Money market rates seem like a sure bet to stay constant as banks continue to bring in business for the new generation investment idea. If you haven’t yet tried a money market account, the time is now. These extremely generous money market rates are quite inviting on just about every front. The chance to lock in on CD rates with liquid money and little penalty is an idea that people must take advantage of for their portfolio.