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Metropolitan National Bank CD Rates Occasionally A Good Buy

These certificates of deposit are available nationally.Metropolitan National Bank has been known to put up decent CD rates every now and again. Good enough for us to track among the best for their term.

Right now, they’re mediocre.

The refreshing news is that all of the CD rates at this New York-based bank with three branches in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn are above average.

But none come close to beating the leaders on our CD Rates Leaderboard.

Metropolitan National Bank has three promotions available only online to savers nationwide:

12-month CD rate is 0.70% APY versus an average rate of 0.29% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 1.12% APY.)

18-month CD rate is 0.80% APY.

24-month CD rate is 0.90% APY versus an average rate of 0.46% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 1.30% APY.)

There are other standard offerings as well, which can be purchased either online or at a branch:

3-month CD rate is 0.20% APY versus an average rate of 0.13% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 0.65% APY.)

6-month CD rate is 0.35% APY versus an average rate of 0.18% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 0.91% APY.)

36-month CD rate is 1.01% APY versus an average rate of 0.58% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 1.42% APY.)

24-month CD rate is 1.30% APY versus an average rate of 0.95% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 1.81% APY.)

Savers everyone can easily buy Metropolitan National Bank’s certificates of deposit online.

You can learn more about Metropolitan National Bank at or call 212-365-6700.

There are definitely better deals out there, and you’ll find them if you compare Metropolitan National Bank’s returns with the best CD rates from scores of other banks in our extensive database.

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