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Sunflower State Deal: 1.75% On 3-Year CD

If you have a Kansas or Boeing connection and are shopping midterm CDs, Meritrust Credit Union has just the nation-leading deal for you.

Serving Wichita, Lawrence and more than a dozen surrounding counties of the Sunflower State, Meritrust’s 1.75% APY on 36-month certificates earns it a spot in our constantly updated roundup of the best-paying credit union and community bank CDs in the country.

It’s also enough to match the top nationally available 3-year return from the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard, but with Meritrust allowing a much lower minimum deposit of $500 (versus the $10,000 required for E-Loan’s top-billed national CD).

Meritrust also has an additional offer worth considering – its 60-month certificate paying 2.25% APY. Although not enough to match the Leaderboard rate of 2.27% APY, it’s close and again offers a minimum deposit that’s more manageable for some savers.

In both cases, a search through Bankrate’s extensive database of the day’s best CD rates is always wise to ensure you’ve found the very best deal before committing your funds.

Meritrust offers three avenues to membership: anyone who lives or works in 17 south, central and eastern Kansas counties; anyone who’s related to someone in those counties, even if they aren’t a member themselves; and employees and retirees of The Boeing Co. and its subsidiaries.

Joining Meritrust and opening a certificate of deposit can be accomplished online, by phone or at one of the credit union’s 15 branches.

Should you cash in early, Meritrust’s penalty is three months’ interest if the maturity date is less than a year away or six months if maturity is a year away or longer.

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