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Los Angeles Deal: 1.40% On 6-Month CDs

Pacific Alliance Bank has a good deal on a bunch of short-term CDs for savers in the San Gabriel Valley.

Pacific Alliance Bank in Rosemead, Calif., has great 6-month CD rates.It’s paying 1.40% APY on 5-, 6-, 7- and 9-month CDs, with a $5,000 minimum deposit.

That matches the best nationally available 6-month CD rates.

As with many local deals, Pacific Alliance requires these certificates of deposit to be purchased in person at its only office — 8400 E. Valley Blvd., in Rosemead.

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  1. Bryan said:
    on July 29th at 03:25 pm

    Thanks for the rate info. Mega Bank in San Gabriel and Rowland Heights is almost as high with a 1.36% APY. Minimum balance is $2500. Rate is good for 181 days, not 180 days.