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Local Deals Keep Yielding Top CD Rates

Small banks, especially small banks in smaller towns and cities, are still offering some of the best CD rates you’ll find anywhere.

Those banks only take deposits from nearby residents, and you have look for promotional rates, specials and odd-term CDs to make the most of your investment.

Local deals can be the bestBut if you do, you can often beat the best nationally available CD rates we talk about all of the time.

Here are three local deals that illustrate what you can find out there:

Reynolds State Bank in Reynolds, Ill., doesn’t have a Web site, but it does have a 12-month CD that pays 2.50% APY.

First Chatham Bank, with 10 branches in the Savannah, Ga. area, is paying 1.87% APY on a 12-month CD with a $1,000 minimum deposit.

Both of those deals pay more than the 1.80% APY available on the top nationally available 12-month CD.

Park Bank, with 11 locations in the Madison, Wisc. area, has a 10-month CD special that pays 1.65% APY with a $5,000 minimum deposit.

That beats the best nationally available 6-month CD rate of 1.25% APY.

Use our database of CD rates to compare these rates with the best deals from scores of other banks.

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  1. D said:
    on June 9th at 11:29 am


    North Texas bank has good CD rates.

    Here is their rate website:


  2. Golf Discounts said:
    on June 6th at 03:29 pm

    What a wonderful find. Good posts on deals!