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Top 12-Month CD Rates Hold At 1.90%

The best 12-month CD rates haven’t changed much over the past month — a small victory the nation’s battered savers.

Doral Bank Direct continues to lead our rankings. Doral Bank Direct continues to lead our rankings. The online operation of Puerto Rico’s Doral Financial Corp. is still paying 1.90% APY with a modest $1,000 minimum deposit.

The other top rates for nationally available 12-month certificates of deposit:

1.80% APY with a $10,000 minimum deposit from Golf Savings Bank, which has a single full-service office in Mountlake Terrace, Wash.

1.70% APY with a $2,500 minimum deposit from Tennessee Commerce Bank, which has one branch in Franklin, Tenn.

1.60% APY with a $10,000 minimum from The Palladian PrivateBank, which is based in Chicago and has 34 locations in 10 states.

1.60% APY with a $500 minimum from Country Bank, with 14 branches in central Massachusetts.

You can’t buy Country Bank CDs online. You have to call (800) 322-8233 and have a customer service explain how to buy a certificate of deposit by mail.

The average return on 1-year CDs has steadied, holding at 0.72% for the fourth week in a row, down from 1.32% this time last year.

Compare these returns with the best CD rates from scores of other banks in our extensive database.

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  1. sangiovese said:
    on April 8th at 02:06 pm

    it is great that you publish the best rates, BUT at the same time you should publish the banks star ratings. if a bank was paying 5% and was a one star then i would stay away from that bank. not worth the worry of being taken over by the fed.

  2. Daniel said:
    on April 11th at 12:26 pm

    Why stay away? Your CD is FDIC insured. No matter what. And in the history of CDs not one bank, that is right none, has ever needed to use the insurance.