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KS StateBank Pays Top Deals On Jumbo CDs Nationwide

Don’t let the Kansas name fool you – KS StateBank‘s certificates of deposit are available nationwide.

And it’s offering top rates on jumbo CDs.

It’s currently paying 3.35% APY on a 5-year jumbo. That beats the lead for non-jumbo CDs, Citizens Access, by nearly a quarter of a percentage point. And the average 5-year CD is paying just 1.45% APY.

Of course, in this rising-rate environment you may want to choose a shorter-term CD, like a 1-year, so you can consistently take advantage of higher rates.

Fortunately, all of KS StateBank’s jumbo CDs are paying 2.75% APY or above.

Click through on this post to see its full list of CDs.

When the Manhattan, Kansas-based bank implemented an online account opening system more than three years ago, it extended the availability of several deposit products to savers nationwide.

But it wasn’t until just a few years ago that it offered any rates worth mentioning.

Here are KS StateBank’s Jumbo CD Rates for Five Terms:

KS StateBank’s Jumbo CD Rates
Term Rate Minimum
1-year 2.75% APY $100,000
2-year 2.95% APY $100,000
3-year 3.10% APY $100,000
4-year 3.20% APY $100,000
5-year 3.35% APY $100,000

Requirements to open

KS StateBank’s jumbo CDs require a minimum $100,000 investment and must be opened online.

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