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Key Bank $100 Checking Account Deal


Key Bank is running a bank deal on their Key Express Free Checking Account. Sign up for an account, fund it up with 2 direct deposits of at least $100, and they will send you a Mastercard with $100 on it within 90 days. Offer expires 4/25/2008.

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  1. Hana Hawaii said:
    on March 31st at 10:46 pm

    They don’t offer in CA.

  2. larry said:
    on April 1st at 02:18 am

    TWO (?) direct deposits and wait 90 days and they’ll give you a credit card with a $100 credit-God, what a rip-off attempt.

  3. joe said:
    on April 1st at 03:30 am

    it says that you have to keep the account open for 180 days other wise there is a early termination fee of $25. hmmm, two direct deposit and keep the account open for 6 months to get $100…. I am not sure if it is worth it?

  4. anonymous said:
    on April 1st at 04:38 pm

    its definately worth it. fund it with the minimum $50 make 2 payroll direct deposits into it and wait for the gift card,

    All you gotta od is leave the account open for 6mo….mark a date in your calendar to close it.


  5. anonymous said:
    on April 2nd at 09:30 pm

    What qualifies as a direct deposit? Can youdirect deposit it from paypal?

  6. bigfoot said:
    on April 3rd at 07:43 am

    Paypal does not qualify.

    Instead of two direct deposits you can do two ACH payments.
    I made two payments to my credit cards and will be getting my
    $100 Gift Card in about 3 months.

  7. jai said:
    on April 3rd at 05:39 pm

    The account is allowed for residents only in certain zipcode area. This is surprising!

  8. joe said:
    on April 5th at 02:32 pm

    no available in maryland. This sucks.

  9. joe said:
    on April 5th at 02:33 pm

    its online banking so why does it matter where you live. o_O

  10. o.t. said:
    on April 5th at 10:39 pm

    it says it’s not available where i live in Massachusetts either. wtf?

  11. RM said:
    on April 25th at 04:38 am

    They do NOT offer this promotion in NJ too, sucks !!!

  12. tg said:
    on May 3rd at 01:26 pm

    Key bank is a scam. They do bait and switch interest rates. Will drop the rate much more than market suddenly and hope you are not watching

  13. Tony Roberts said:
    on June 4th at 02:57 pm

    Coulee Bank ( ) offers an incredible 6.01% APY with their Rewards Checking account. The rate is easy to earn. All you have to do is make 10 check card transactions a month, use e-statements, and do 1 automatic payment a month (they call it ACH). Coulee Bank pays 6.01% on the first $25,000 and 1.01% on anything above that. The best thing about this account besides the rate is it is FREE, you can apply online, and it is from a great bank with real people that answer the phone. And as they like to say, Banking Green has its Rewards. The Rewards Checking account saves paper and preserves our natural resources. No wonder I feel good about recommending this to everyone I know. Check it out. I guarantee you will love it.

  14. Darla Barclay said:
    on February 1st at 04:53 pm

    Another Key Bank Ripoff! I have high 700’s FICO, have had their Master Card for 10 years with never a late payment, always overpay each month, and have little other debt. How do they repay me? I got a letter this week that says they’re doubling my interest rate to 16% and when I called to complain and try to get a better deal, they said the only better deal is to opt out and pay off the credit card. What jerks. Anybody else experiencing this with Key? They’re about to lose me entirely. I closed my savings account there a year ago after they scammed me with an interest rate then lowered it by 80%, saying “sorry that program just isn’t available anymore” – no notice before, no fair disclosure. DO NOT BANK WITH KEY BANK!!!!

  15. Robert said:
    on August 11th at 04:42 pm

    I’ll tell you one better; I had a Bank of America – Asiana American Express Credit Card, they sent me the offer and I applied, approved for $5,500.00 credit. Did over 6 months of purchases, never late, always paid on time or well before. Made a trip to China on Asiana Airlines after I purchased the tickets with the card, paid the account before I left; and the day I arrived in China…. the bank (without notice) closed the account and left me stranded in China.