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Kentucky Deals On CD Rates Pay Up to 2%

Kentucky Neighborhood Bank offers good deals on three different CD rates.Kentucky Neighborhood Bank has a trio of decent CD rates, including one of the best-paying 36-month CDs we’ve seen since last summer.

With a $1,000 minimum deposit, it’s paying:

  • 2.00% APY for 36-month CDs.
  • 1.50% APY for 25-month CDs.
  • 1.25% APY for 17-month CDs.

The top nationally available 36-month CD rate on our CD Rates Leaderboard remains just 1.65% APY.

And that 25-month CD rate beats its nearest term leader by a fifth of a percentage point.

You don’t have to a Kentucky resident to purchase these certificates of deposit, but you must buy them in person at a branch.

Kentucky Neighborhood Bank ( has three branches in west-central Kentucky’s Hardin County, in Elizabethtown and Radcliff.

See how these returns compare with the best CD rates from scores of banks in our extensive database.

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2 Existing Comments
  1. Kathy at Bankaholic said:
    on January 15th at 10:29 am

    Kentucky Neighborhood Bank seems to have dropped the 17- and 25-month terms, but it’s offering the same rates on 18- and 24-month CDs.

  2. Kathy at Bankaholic said:
    on February 5th at 01:17 pm

    Kentucky Neighborhood Bank is offering the 17- and 25-month rates again, and they are all the same as stated in the story.