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Kentucky Deal: 1.26% Savings Rate

United Citizens Bank of Southern Kentucky offers this deal with a $25 minimum deposit.For just a $25 minimum deposit, residents who live near a United Citizens Bank of Southern Kentucky office can earn 1.26% APY on Statement Savings accounts.

That tops the best nationally available savings account rates of 1.16% APY, offered by SFGI Direct.

The United Citizens Bank offer has a few restrictions.

You get three free transfers or withdrawals a month. If you go over that, you’ll have to pay $1 per withdrawal. And if your balance dips below $25, you’ll also pay a buck.

In contrast, SFGI Direct (, the online division of Summit Community Bank of Moorefield, W.Va., requires a $500 minimum deposit to open its online savings account.

United Citizens Bank ( was founded in 2004 and has locations in Columbia, Campbellsville and Russell Springs, Ky. You’ll need to stop by a branch to open an account.

To see how this stacks up against the competition, you can compare United Citizens Bank rates with the best savings and MMA rates from scores of banks in our database.

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8 Existing Comments
  1. Sam said:
    on July 9th at 02:19 pm

    Did you guys forget about Amtrust Direct and their 1.25% savings??

  2. Mike at Bankaholic said:
    on July 10th at 08:08 am

    Sam: We have the Amtrust Direct deal listed under our top money market accounts:

  3. Sam said:
    on July 10th at 03:43 pm

    @ Mike – Shouldn’t Amtrust Direct come in after Kentucky’s statement savings account rather than SFGI Direct? Let’s see, 1.26%, 1.25%, 1.16%.

  4. Mike at Bankaholic said:
    on July 10th at 06:53 pm

    Sam: this is post about savings accounts. The Amtrust Direct account is an MMA, which has a higher rate of 1.25. Right or wrong, we separate savings accounts from MMAs.

  5. Sam said:
    on July 10th at 10:25 pm

    @ Mike – LOL, whats the difference between MMA and savings accounts my friend? I’ve owned both and its all marketing. Don’t you guys fall for it too! Now an unsuspecting consumer visiting this article would think his/her next option after Kentucky is 1.16% when clearly its Amtrust’s 1.25% yield.

  6. Sam said:
    on July 10th at 10:31 pm

    @ Mike –

  7. Kathy at Bankaholic said:
    on July 25th at 09:46 am

    This savings rate is still available.

  8. Kathy at Bankaholic said:
    on August 8th at 09:45 am

    United Citizens’ rate is still available and looks even better since SFGI cut its rate to 1.11% APY and stopped accepting new accounts.