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Jon Stewart Fumes Over Big Bank Bonuses

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Jon Stewart raged against the big banks and the huge bonuses they’re expected to award their top executives on The Daily Show last night.

“Let me see if I’ve got this straight,” Stewart said on Comedy Central’s news parody. “The only people who have fully recovered from the financial meltdown are the ones who caused the financial meltdown.”

Although this isn’t Stewart’s best work, it certainly reflects the growing anger and resentment that the banks taxpayers rescued from the brink of collapse just a year or so ago are as arrogant and greedy as ever.

“How did we get to the point where companies that we had to bailout with billions of dollars get to reward their employees with billions of dollars?” Stewart asks. “Oh right, we had to give them billions of dollars to save ourselves. We’re so selfish.”

Then this morning, provides a fascinating look at how those bankers will spend their six-, seven-, even eight-figure bonuses.

Real estate agents in Aspen. Plastic surgeons in Manhattan. Adventure travel guides in Argentina. Get ready. Those bonus-toting titans of finance are headed your way.

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