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I’ve Found A New Way To Stop Junk Mail!

Here’s a quick and easy way to stop junk mail from flooding your mailbox — the MailStop envelope from Catalog Choice.

Catalog Choice was created in 2007 as a nonprofit service to help consumers get their names off junk mail lists.

You just go to its website, enter your address and a little info about the offending advertiser, and Catalog Choice does the rest.

It’s a great, free service unless you’re lazy like I am and would rather just keep recycling the crap.

That’s where the MailStop envelope comes in.

Catalog Choice sends you a prepaid envelope that you can fill with labels torn from all of the junk mail you don’t want.

We’re talking catalogs, donation solicitations, mailers from telecom companies like Comcast, AT&T, Direct TV, even marketing materials from credit card companies with which you have accounts.

After you’ve accumulated up to 15 labels, you just return the MailStop envelope to Catalog Choice, which does all of the data entry for you.

“We’re your valet. We’re going to do the laundry for you,” says Chuck Teller, Catalog Choice’s executive director.

The group came up with the MailStop idea while it was working for the city of Seattle, mailing out and then processing postcards from residents who wanted to opt out of phone book delivery.

The only drawback: MailStop isn’t free.

Each envelope costs $6.75. But I think that’s reasonable.

Teller says all the advertisements you can stop with just one MailStop envelope can save a tree’s worth of paper in just two years.

He also suggests opting out of all preapproved credit card offers by going to, which was created by a federal government mandate as an option to avoid that advertising.

He can’t do that for you because it requires a Social Security number, and Catalog Choice would never ask for personal info like that.

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  1. terid08 said:
    on November 17th at 03:23 pm

    Haven’t you heard — If we want to still have a post office, don’t stop junk mail — ask for more!

  2. Mojave Jack said:
    on December 6th at 01:01 pm

    If only they could do this for SPAM!