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Iowa Deals On 32-, 48-Month CD Rates

What’s going on in corn country?

We’re finding one deal after another out there.This time the special CD rates are from banks in Cedar Rapids.

This time the top CD rates are in Cedar Rapids.

Guaranty Bank is paying 2.20% APY with a $1,000 minimum deposit on 32-month CDs, while Bankers Trust is paying 3.00% APY with a $1,000 minimum deposit on 48-month CDs.

Those local offers beat the best nationally available 24- and 36-month CD rates. (See our latest CD Rates Leaderboard.)

You must buy these certificates of deposit in person. Guaranty Bank’s special is available at all seven of its locations; Bankers Trust, at its two Cedar Rapids branches.

These deals come on the heels of the special:

Compare these returns with the best CD rates from scores of banks in our extensive database.

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3 Existing Comments
  1. sean maguire said:
    on October 23rd at 04:13 pm

    This really pisses me off. My local banks aren’t paying half this! Are these guys just smarter about making loans than everyone else?

  2. joe b. said:
    on October 24th at 08:25 am

    Commerce Bank in Kanasas City is paying 0.5%. I’ve looked around at some other local banks and am lucky to find anyone paying 1% on 2 year CDs.

  3. CrankySaver said:
    on October 27th at 09:44 am

    Bankers Trust still has its special on 48-month CDs going as of Oct. 27, 2010. But Guaranty Bank is no longer offering its special on 32-month CDs.