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Indymac Bank 5.50% APY 3-Month CD

Indymac Bank has competitive interest rate of 5.50% APY on their 3-Month CD (certificate of deposit) account.

IndyMac Bank belongs to IndyMac Bancorp Incorporated. IndyMac Bank has a stock symbol of IMB, is the second largest mortgage lender nationwide and is the seventh largest loan and savings company. IndyMac Bank is a member of the FDIC and offers online banking options, Visa, certificates of deposit, money market options, savings options, and home loans and mortgages. Commercial lending is also available through IndyMac Bank and the bank also offers an array of retirement service options including traditional IRA accounts, Roth IRAs, and SEP IRAs.

IndyMac Bank’s Corporate Office is located in Pasadena, California at 888 East Walnut Street. Current branches of IndyMac Bank exist in Arcadia, Bradbury-Duarte, Buena Park, Burbank, Camarillo, Cerritos, Chino Hills, Costa Mesa, Covina, Downey, Encino, Glendale, Hacienda Heights, Huntington Beach, Inglewood, Irvine, La Verne, Laguna Hills, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Mission Viejo, Monterey Park, Northridge, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Studio City, Thousand Oaks, Torrence, Tustin, West Covina, Whittier and

IndyMac Bank places a significant focus on establishing solid relationships with all of its customers and aims to become one of the top five mortgage lenders in the United States within the next four years. Further, IndyMac Bank has an extended goal, one that involves the act of offering returns on equity that are fifteen percent or greater. Bound by a high degree of ethics and by following stringent guidelines, IndyMac Bank plans to expand and grow rapidly in the future, and sees its business as being in a continuous state of evolution.

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  1. curt spiegel said:
    on November 1st at 03:03 am

    interested in 3 month cd

  2. said:
    on November 9th at 08:34 am

    indymac bank reviews anywhere?

  3. james said:
    on December 15th at 07:41 am

    correction-its 5.45 APY for 6 months

  4. A.A.J.F.-New Paltz,NY said:
    on February 13th at 11:48 am

    Inymac Bank is another of those banks that offers prompt and courteous service. They certainly are among the banks that I find highly reliable.

  5. R.Bondoni said:
    on April 27th at 03:42 am

    I am interested in finding out more about your CDs.

  6. az said:
    on May 9th at 08:10 pm

    has anyone located the 3-mnth cd at 5.5% API? I can’t find it on their site…

  7. SAM said:
    on July 5th at 01:33 pm


  8. john said:
    on August 20th at 05:26 am has Indymac Mortgage Reviews