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Imperial Capital Bank 5.75% APY 12-Month CD

Imperial Capital Bank is offering 5.75% APY on their 12-month CD accounts. Minimum opening balance of $2,000, No Monthly Maintenance Fee, Penalty for Early Withdrawal.

I am thinkinig about laddering a few CD accounts here to lock in the current high interest rates for the future.

Imperial Capital Bank offers an array of banking services for both personal and commercial needs. Imperial Capital currently offers checking accounts, money market accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, ATM transactions and Internet banking options. In addition, customers can get real estate loans, commercial loans, multifamily loans, and entertainment loans from Imperial Capital Bank. Branches of the Imperial Capital Bank are located in Baltimore, Beverly Hills, Carson City, Costa Mesa, Encino, Glendale, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Formerly the Imperial Thrift and Loan Association, the Imperial Capital bank was established in 1974. Later, in ’95, when Imperial thrift sold shares to the public, the ITLA Capital Corporation was revealed as the parent company. The Imperial Capital Bank currently manages four separate divisions: the commercial real estate division, the express loan program, the ICB Entertainment Finance â„¢, and finally, its banking service division. Seven physical branches of the Imperial Bank currently exist in various locations.

The Banking Service Division of Imperial bank supplies banking services. Personal checking, senior checking, savings accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit are available via the banking service division of the Imperial Capital. Meanwhile, the Commercial Real Estate Lending Division handles commercial loans in the range of 1 to 20 million dollars. An array of business accounts are available as well, including basic business checking, analyzed business checking, interest checking, money market checking, and savings and certificates of deposit for businesses. Further, the ICB Entertainment Finance â„¢ supplies banking and collection services for companies involved in the industry of entertainment: companies like those involved in television or independent film sectors.

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  1. hassan said:
    on September 1st at 11:56 am

    please I want have cd for one hundred th. $ with the rate 5.75%

  2. said:
    on November 14th at 11:47 am

    anyone have

    imperial capital bank la jolla bank review?

  3. DeeDee said:
    on July 20th at 04:56 am

    Imperial bank has a nice “online features”, as I have the internet checking-which is nice option vs. brick/mortar.
    So 5 years ago, they had very competitive top rates for Interest checking – still is okay…

    Im presently seeking a MMA or CD-so here is some general comments.

    Pros= FDIC Bank/ they do have west coast presence
    I really like the credit of 6 Reversal on ATM Fees/surcharge. I prefer that than having to pay ATM Fees…

    Cons= Customer Service is very limited, at times may not even online vs 24/7. I think they are small, as Ive had an error that was fixed in June.

  4. RALPH said:
    on June 3rd at 01:47 pm


  5. RateRunner said:
    on June 3rd at 02:04 pm

    Like most blogs, Bankaholic doesn’t delete old posts. They are archived. When deals are no longer available we try to put a big yellow label on them, like the one above, that says they’re expired.