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iGObanking Pushes 6-Month CD Up To 1%

iGObanking is up to its old tricks again.

The online division of Flushing Bank, which has 17 locations in New York, has a maddening CD pricing strategy in that it will offer an outstanding rate on one term or more, only to cut the offer quickly to some very low rate.

In the first week of September, it offered a 1% APY 6-month certificate of deposit, only to slash the rate to 0.15% APY within a day or so.

That 1% APY offer is now back. For how long, who knows?

But today, anyway, you can grab that CD for a $25,000 minimum deposit. This offer easily tops our CD Rates Leaderboard as the nationally available 6-month CD.

This month’s earlier brief blip aside, we last saw an offer on our Leaderboard that beat iGObanking’s deal on Sept. 20, 2011, the last day AloStar Bank of Commerce paid 1.05% APY.

The best rate in this term fell below 1% in late 2011 and has hovered near 0.90% for the better part of two years.

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