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Video: How to Improve Your Credit Score

We’ve been having a little fun lately here at Bankaholic playing around with YouTube videos.

In our pilot production, our very own “Bankaholic Bankerette” Alicia Lagan shares her tips on how to improve our credit score.

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This is our first of many videos to come, and we would really appreciate some constructive feedback, so please leave a comment with suggestions and topics that you would like us to cover in the future. Thanks!

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25 Existing Comments
  1. shraz said:
    on November 14th at 05:02 am

    Wow wow wee waa she hot

  2. jsv said:
    on November 14th at 02:37 pm

    She is hot! I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying.

  3. tip guy said:
    on November 14th at 02:49 pm

    1) Keep your balance less than 1/3 of your limit.
    example: Credit limit 6000. Balance shouldn’t go over 2000.
    2) Pay the full amount each month and don’t carry balance.
    3) Limit your cards to 2.
    4) Pick a good card and stick with it. Don’t jump card to card. Recommend a cash or reward card if paying full each month. 0% interest for 12+ month card for paying of large balance.

    By following these rules, I have moved my credit score from 555 to 788 in 1 year and continue to be in 750 to 790 bracket for this year.

  4. jacmac said:
    on November 14th at 10:16 pm

    This is great but what about the card hoppers who want to take advantage of the great offers Bankaholic keeps telling us about. My own score is 790 and I’d like to keep it like that or make it higher, but I sure do like free money!

  5. Hendrix said:
    on November 15th at 03:38 am

    GORGEOUS girl!! I think I’m in love……

  6. Mary Ann said:
    on November 15th at 07:11 pm

    Nice summary but nothing new to learn here. Thanks.

  7. said:
    on November 15th at 07:16 pm

    What kind of videos would you guys like to see next? We are already working on brainstorming our next clip.

  8. jacmac said:
    on November 17th at 04:31 am

    I think a video on what I asked would be great!

    How to card hop smarter maybe?

  9. Natalie said:
    on November 17th at 11:08 pm

    That girl is Alicia, the daughter of the guy who runs the site.

  10. luvdeals said:
    on November 18th at 08:24 pm

    Well, you definitely have the guys’ attention! 🙂 That was a good video with good info. I agree with jacmac about the cardhopping 101 course. I’d like to see that too.

  11. Vijay said:
    on November 19th at 04:16 am

    In addition to the freebees we get i.e. a 100$/50$ promotion, you can also give us an idea on how much it will go towards tax as we will know the exact money we make in the freebees.

  12. joey said:
    on November 21st at 04:19 am

    Have ‘er do ’em topless!

  13. frog said:
    on November 25th at 11:03 pm

    i have been hopping for years in portrush
    frog and card hopping!

  14. megadeth said:
    on November 26th at 01:46 am

    blah blah blah hot blonde blah blah blah credit blah blah blah hot blonde

  15. said:
    on November 30th at 07:59 pm

    Let’s keep it civil! This is family site!

  16. Steve said:
    on December 3rd at 03:51 am

    I thought the video was great. I unfortunetly stumbled upon it after hearing you’re not supposed to check your credit score online because it lowers your score. O well, this was a great help. How about a good clip of mortgages, loans, and stuff pertaining to buying houses, or the difference on IRA’s, ect… They both still relate to banking! Great site, btw, and keep up the good work!

  17. Matt said:
    on December 10th at 06:39 am

    Lame how you direct them to which is a for-profit site and not mentioning this fact, instead of pointing them to the government-appointed If this is supposed to be an instructional not promotional video, you shouldn’t be misleading people into thinking it is a free service. Especially people who have and are likely to be prone to make poor financial decisions.

  18. Jan92021 said:
    on December 19th at 04:33 am

    How can checking your FICO on the internet lower the FICO score? That sounds wrong to me.

  19. warren said:
    on December 20th at 08:32 pm

    You can’t check your credit score at, only your report.

    Only freecreditreport lets you see your actual score. Do your homework.

  20. Chris said:
    on December 22nd at 04:17 pm

    Matt is right – and that is exactly what I was going to say. Warren is right that you can’t get a free score, but it is just as important to check your report – that is what generates the score. And you will have the option to purchase your score at a lower price than normal when going through Let’s put it this way, has a disclaimer on the left hand side stating that they are not the site to receive your free legal credit report, and have a link to

  21. Chris said:
    on December 22nd at 04:20 pm

    On second watch, she actually says to check your score and says it’s about $15. Then she says to check your credit history (credit report) at I’m sure there were dollars exchanged for that one. Or, in the words of Warren, someone didn’t do their homework. And I think it’s time that one of the three of us point out the fact that she is allowed to say whatever-the-heck she wants to.

  22. Nathan said:
    on December 29th at 09:41 pm

    Gorgeous girl!!! Have her do the next video too!

  23. john said:
    on December 29th at 09:43 pm

    That girl is not the daughter of the bankaholic guy…. Her father owns a car dealership in Ireland actually…. She has only been living in the U.S for 4 years. I know her.

  24. john said:
    on February 29th at 12:33 am

    And in case you were wondering… yes, they’re real and they’re spectacular. I know because I did her in the airport bathroom the day she arrived.

  25. Ron said:
    on January 29th at 12:17 am

    Good for you Johnny-boy.

    The little chick needs to improvise instead of reading off of a piece of paper to remember what to talk about.

    Learn everything you’re going to talk about, then memorize the topics and sub-topics. This wasn’t professional.

    To those of you complaining about a possibility of affiliation with, does it really matter? Every other legitimate website is going to give you the same information, maybe for a buck or two more or less monthly. I use and it’s pretty decent.

    Beware: with you pay $15/month and you only get credit reports from Experien, you have to pay $30 more to get reports from all three bureaus.