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How To Get Discover’s 5% Rebate In 2010

Discover Card has promoted its 5% Cashback Bonus on “rotating items” for quite some time.

Discover More CardBut never knowing what might be eligible for that hefty rebate a few months down the road aggravated more than a few Discover More cardholders.

Now Discover is publishing a calendar of future offers on the Web page where you must sign-up in advance to qualify for each bonus.

Here’s where and when you can earn the 5% rebate on purchases at grocery stores, hotels, movie theaters and lots of other places during the first nine months of 2010.


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  1. rpk said:
    on September 4th at 06:28 am

    The 5% is not real as I’m sure many of us have learned the hard way. Read it carefully, they only pay 5% on the first $300 in purchases in those categories and 1% on everything else. The worst part is anything above the $300 in those categories is not paid on at all. So the 5% times $300 comes to $15 cash back. This is actually a way for Discover to limit the amount they will pay in those categories to $15. On my first (and last) statement, I had almost $4000 in purchases and the cashback was $23.97. A straight no-gimic 1% would have earned me $40. Bye Bye Discover. I won’t listen to your lies anymore.

  2. Makhi Jani said:
    on September 26th at 08:43 pm

    Nice scam by Discover to disguise and confuse credit card consumers. Most cases better off paying cash and ask for rebate from merchants instead of charging on the card and putting up with their scams.