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How are YOU Spending Your Stimulus Check?

People should be receiving their economic stimulus checks right now from the IRS. Individuals who qualify get $600 and married couples get $1200 + another $300 for children in the family (kids are finally useful for something).

Please participate in the poll below to share how you will be spending your $$!

What are you doing with your economic stimulus check?
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  1. Stephen James said:
    on May 20th at 07:55 pm

    I’m going to Europe and buying a house this year, so it’s going toward one of those.

  2. bob said:
    on May 20th at 08:31 pm

    What’s the deal with the “dependent” requirement? I’m over 17 so my parents don’t get the $300 child credit for me, but technically they pay for my college, so I have to report that I can be claimed as a dependent. Do I really not get any bonus even though I’m over 17 and my parents don’t get the child credit for supporting me? I read that I could get it when filing my 2008 taxes if I met the requirements at that point- which I will because I’m no longer a dependent this year. Is that true? Can I get the tax refund bonus next year when I’m not a dependent? I met the other requirements for it (making over $3000 and paying taxes). I tried to call the tax incentive hotline that has info about it, but every time they I call they play a message saying that due to high call volume that NO representative are available to help. Since our government sucks at providing information (no e-mail address either), does anyone here feel they can bless me with the info I need?

  3. Rachel said:
    on May 21st at 03:06 pm

    Your parents can claim you as a dependent as long as you are in college and they can provide half of your living expenses. So if you make $3,000 in a year, they have to “provide” $6,000 for you (housing, food etc.)
    If you are not a dependent and you made less than $3,000 you get no rebate. It’s just the rules of the government. Otherwise you should get 600 bucks in the mail, I did.

  4. paula jones said:
    on May 21st at 11:58 pm

    Yeah I got my stimulus check not what I expected. I thougt I was entilted to six hundred as an individual filing and three hundred for each child. Well I got a refund of nine hundred, three hundred for me and three for each child I claimed for two. I guess I must be grateful, but at the same time I want what’s mine, what was explained to me. I know someone who recieved a check for nine hundred six for her and three for her some and she made way more money than me what’ s up with that. Any screw the government in wanting you to spend the money to boost the economy I’ll spend it where I see fit like paying the rent and school fees. It’s sad I saw on the news that the distribution of the money is not going the way they would like the American people to believe. They are screwing up big time.

  5. mike doug said:
    on May 24th at 11:11 pm

    You should feel lucky. I will get nothing because I filed a joint tax return with my wife whom has an ITIN rather than a SSN like myself and my child. That is to say, we pay exactly the same amount of tax but instead of getting a cheque for $1500, we get nothing. Needless to say, if we had filed separately the higher tax rate would have taken up the $900 I could have received.

  6. t-bone said:
    on June 2nd at 07:10 am

    where are they getting this money anyway? isn’t the us gov’t trillions of dollars in debt? shouldn’t we be paying off that debt instead of spending trillions of wars in iraq and giving people a few hundred bucks at the expense of a debt that is going to screw over my generation and give china all the power it needs?

  7. t-bone said:
    on June 2nd at 07:11 am

    *trillions of dollar on wars in Iraq

  8. Andy said:
    on June 10th at 02:22 pm

    Economics, t-bone. If the economy is stagnant, people aren’t buying taxable things, companies aren’t making as much taxable income, they aren’t paying as much taxable salary to employees. Inject some money into the economy, people start spending, this drives up revenue for companies and their employees (immediately via commissions and possibly long term via salary increases or new hires). The government makes money on sales tax, they make money on whatever taxes that company pays, they make money on income tax for all employees. Basically anywhere money is moving, the government is taking out a little cut. So even if they have to give us a little back to keep money moving, it’s worth it for them. And of course everywhere I refer to the government as “them”, it indirectly means “us”.

  9. Grandma said:
    on June 26th at 07:09 pm

    All the talk about debt…put some pressure on the politicians to quit givnig themselves raises, cut their lifetime benefits to Social Security like everyone else, get rid of their over-the-top expense accounts and pay them a reasonable wage. Walah…we are out of debt in 2 years. Think I’ll run for president…LOL.