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Hire A Used Car Pro To Haggle For You

There’s a new Web site for people like me, who are terrified we’ll pay too much for a used car. will do the haggling for

Just tell the site what make and model you want to buy, and how far you’ll go to get it. will then find and negotiate a purchase price on up to 20 cars that meet your criteria.

It will not only tell you which one is the cheapest, but which one is the best value.

Test drive the most promising candidates, choose the one you like best, and pay the price negotiated on your behalf.

This isn’t free. charges 20% of the difference between Kelley Blue Book’s retail price, which is the top-dollar price you’d expect to pay at a new car dealership, and the final sale price, up to a maximum of $300.

Since the company only considers used cars being sold by new car dealers, you’re probably going to pay about what you would if you bought the car from a private owner.

So when I’m ready to buy a used car later this summer, I’ll gladly pay to have do the legwork and negotiating for me.

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