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Highest CD Rates Roundup For Sept. 26

Bringing you the very best CD rates from credit unions and local banks.Just how good is the new top nationally available 36-month bank CD?

It caused us to dump three nationally available credit union offers and 10 local offers from our list of the highest CD rates from credit unions and local banks.

We dumped those offers because they no longer tie or beat the best nationally available bank deal.

That leaves just nine banks on our list that meet or top Presidential Bank’s 1.75% APY offer.

One of the nine comes from the only new offer to make the list this week:

Crescent Bank ( in Louisiana pays 1.76% APY on 36-month CDs and 2.02% APY on 48-month CDs with a $1,000 minimum deposit. You have to be a Louisiana resident to purchase these certificates of deposit and do so in person at one of eight branches in or near New Orleans.

We have one other new deal to note that didn’t make the list because of Presidential’s offer:

Agricultural Federal Credit Union in Washington, D.C. (, offers a 30-month CD that pays 1.50% APY with a $1,000 minimum deposit. We mention this CD only because it is a penalty-free certificate, meaning you can withdraw your money at any time without losing earned interest. Anyone can join this credit union who first supports modern dance outreach to underserved children by becoming a Friends of CityDance Association member for $20.

We saw just one change to an existing offer on our list.

The 22-month, 2% CD offer from Family First Credit Union in New York State expired and has been removed from our list.

We’ll update our page listing the highest CD rates weekly, so you’ll always know what great deals are out there from credit unions and local banks.

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