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Hey Tim, How’s The Housing Market?

Comedian John Oliver is standing outside a suburban New York home that’s been on the market since February.

The owner “priced it way too high,” a local real estate agent tells him. “And he didn’t want to take a price reduction. Nobody wanted it.”

“Whoever owns this house clearly knows nothing about finance,” Oliver replies.

“Oh no, this is Timothy Geithner’s house,” the agent tells him.

As you might imagine, hilarity ensues in this segment of The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

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Oliver skewers the Treasury secretary and former head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, questioning how a guy who doesn’t seem to know the first thing about selling his own house can be trusted to fix the economy.

According to Oliver, Geithner paid $1.6 million for the house in 2004 and put it on the market for $1.634 million after moving to Washington last winter.

“He’s actually raising the asking price after the housing market tanked nearly 30% thanks to Fed policies he helped to implement,” Oliver says.

And then there’s the bathroom.

“Wow, actually I don’t like it,” an incredulous Robert Schiller says after Oliver whips out a photo.

“It’s ghastly,” Oliver says.

“I’d replace those tiles,” the well-known housing economist says.

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