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GS Bank Is Offering Top CD Rates

If you’re in the market for a CD, short-term or long, GS Bank is offering great deals across the board. Indeed, it’s leader of the pack, paying the highest rate on nearly every term.

One deal that sticks out is its offer on 3-years.

GS Bank is offering 2.00% APY on 3-year CDs with a $500 minimum. That’s as much as the top paying 4-year CD, which also happens to be GS Bank.

You’ll also find that GS is posting the top deal on 2-, 4- and 5-year CDs right now.

Of course, it’s always crucial to compare the best CD rates before you purchase.

Here are GS Bank’s CD Rates for Five Terms:

GS Bank’s CD Rates
Term Rate Minimum
1-year 1.65% APY $500
2-year 1.75% APY $500
3-year 2.00% APY $500
4-year 2.00% APY $500
5-year 2.40% APY $500

Requirements to open

You can open up a GS Bank CD online. You’ll need your Social Security Number, date of birth and valid US street address. You can transfer funds online or by check via snail mail.

In addition to the minimum deposit requirements, you’ll need to keep the CD through the full term to earn the APY. If you decide to withdraw early, you may get hit with a penalty.

The future of CDs

While the Fed rate hikes have pushed some banks to increase their rates, not all will be so quick to react. That makes it crucial to keep an eye out for CDs at banks, like GS, that are already on the rise.

Make sure to check out the best CD rates daily.

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