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Great Plains Debit Card Deal: It Pays You

Fidelity Bank Pay 5 cents each time you swipe your debit card at a retailerLast week, we wrote about some free checking accounts that are available nationally.

Today, we begin writing about some local banks that offer fee-free accounts as an alternative to the big banks, which have plans to boost fees on basic checking accounts.

Fidelity Bank ( of Wichita, Kan., and its sister Oklahoma Fidelity Bank offer fee-free checking — and will even pay you for debit card use.

The bank’s Opt Checking account has no monthly fee, no minimum balance requirements, and a fee-free debit card. You’ll get 5 cents cash-back on each signature-based debit card transaction.

You only need to make a $25 deposit to open account.

You also get two other free choices, which include earning interest at 0.05% APY; receiving free standard checks; receiving a $25 annual bonus on your account anniversary; getting an additional 5 cents cash back on each check-card transaction; or paying no foreign ATM fees.

You can sign up for more than two of the options, but those will cost you $2 each.

Fidelity has 20 locations in the Wichita area, as well as five branches around Oklahoma City.

If you’re a new customer and want to open an Opt Checking account, you can begin the process online, but must complete the final paperwork in person at one of the branch locations.

And, if you’re a Fidelity Bank customer in Oklahoma, don’t forget the bank’s deal on 37-month CD rates.

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