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Great Lakes CU Celebrates In Style

Although the Federal Reserve has finally made its long-awaited rate hike, we’ve not yet seen any changes in the top national CD rates.

That means Great Lakes Credit Union‘s 15-month promotional CD paying 1.50% APY is still among the best short-term yields you can find.

It’s available to savers nationwide and earns a spot on our roundup of the country’s best CDs from credit unions and community banks.

Great Lakes beats the best nationally available 12-month return from the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard and nearly matches the top 2-year yield.

We urge you to search Bankrate’s extensive database of the best CD rates before locking in any certificate of deposit. But we think you’ll have a hard time matching this one.

With a $1,000 minimum deposit, Great Lakes’ offer is planned to go through at least the end of the year. It’s not known if the offer will be extended into 2016.

Based in the Chicago suburbs, Great Lakes offers membership to savers anywhere in the country through various avenues, from living or working in one of seven Chicagoland counties, being a federal employee, being active or retired military, or fitting into one of several other fields of membership.

Joining Great Lakes and opening this promotional CD can be done online or at one of the credit union’s 15 branches in and around Chicago.

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