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Great Bank Gone; ING Name To Die, Too

Capital One bought ING Direct USAGoodbye ING Direct. Goodbye bright dancing orange ball. Goodbye to the bank that captured my heart and savings in 2003.

We had a good run.

Capital One has rung the final bell for the ING brand’s existence in the United States. The day after the election, the big bank started telling customers that come February, it would change the name of the online bank to Capital One 360.

That will wipe ING off everything, right on down to the ING Cafés.

And yes, the orange is gone, too, to be replaced with Capital One’s muted blue and red color scheme.

I knew this was going to happen.

The ING we know (or knew, come early 2013) was actually called ING Direct USA, and it was the U.S. division of the much larger Dutch bank ING Group. When that parent company accepted European Union bailout funds, it agreed to sell off ING Direct.

In June 2011, Capital One reached a deal to purchase ING Direct.

Changes have rolled out slowly, though Capital One, then and now, has promised not to change the young, fun vibe that ING worked so hard to cultivate.

The buyout hasn’t been all bad.

Capital One got rid of foreign transaction fees when using your debit card internationally, and ING customers now have access to 2,000 Capital One ATMs fee-free.

But throughout the transition, the wind has been going out of ING’s sails, and it’s become just another humdrum online bank.

I shifted my emergency savings account out of ING and into American Express a year ago, because AmEx offered higher APR (though still dismal).

My tryout of ING’s online checking account went bust, too, when I saw how long it took for them to deposit checks through CheckMate, its remote check deposit program.

Still, I keep my “next car” fund in ING. I see no reason to change as of right now.

But I don’t see a reason to move more of my money that way, either.

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  1. A.Bundy said:
    on November 12th at 03:16 pm

    well, at least capital one still offers a 1% interest rate up to $100k. wish i could say the same for ing. look at the bright side, now you can actually have a physical bank to visit.