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Granite CU Offers Tough-To-Beat Deal On 5-Year CDs in Utah

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For savers in Salt Lake County, some of the best yields come from Granite Credit Union.

It’s paying 3.50% for a 5-year term, which is beating out the top nationally available 5-year return by more than a quarter of a percentage point.

Granite is also offering a solid promo rate on 18-month CDs — 2.75% APY.

Of course, it’s always wise to check Bankrate’s extensive database of the day’s best CD rates before locking in any certificate.

But if you’re in Salt Lake County, Granite is certainly offering some of the best deals around.

Here’s what the Granite Credit Union is paying on CDs:

  • 2.50% on 12-month CDs
  • 2.75% on 18-month CDs
  • 3.00% on 24-month CDs
  • 3.25% on 36-month CDs
  • 3.25% on 48-month CDs
  • 3.50% on 60-month CDs

Membership requirements

Membership in the credit union is open to anyone who lives or works in Salt Lake County, but joining requires visiting one of its eight branches in the Salt Lake valley.

Opening a CD can also be done at that time or online after membership has been established.

Granite’s 5-year certificate of deposit requires a $500 minimum investment and carries an early-withdrawal penalty of 1 year’s interest, should you cash it in early.

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