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Good Advice For Organizing Your Finances

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get your financial house in order?

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to get your financial house in order?

Check out a new book called One Year to an Organized Financial Life: From Your Bills to Your Bank Account, Your Home to your Retirement, the Week-by-Week Guide to Achieving Financial Peace of Mind by Regina Leeds and Russell Wild.

It will change the way you manage your money and set you on the road to financial security.

Yet the authors never dive too deeply into a sea of financial jargon, either, so if you’re a newbie to this money-saving game, you will understand this book.


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  1. Timothy Ruka said:
    on March 13th at 03:24 pm

    Acceptable, this was an inspiration for me. I’m planning for my personal blog