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Gold Delta SkyMiles or FlexMiles Visa?

Northwest Airlines’ customers who earned frequent flyer miles with US Bank’s WorldPerks Visa card have a big decision to make.

Their credit card is going away because Northwest is going away after its merger with Delta Air Lines.

WorldPerks cardholders will be receiving new FlexPerks Visa cards from US Bank over the next couple of months.

But American Express is aggressively urging Northwest flyers to switch to its Gold Delta SkyMiles card instead.

What to do?

We think you should go with American Express.

The SkyMiles card is a good deal.

American Express SkyMiles CardYou’ll add miles to your new Delta frequent flyer account, including 20,000 bonus miles when you make your first purchase. That’s almost enough for a free ticket right there.

The interest rate (13.24%, prime plus 9.99%) is reasonable, the $95 annual fee is waived for the first year and there are lots of perks.

That’s not to say that FlexPerks isn’t good, too.

US Bank FlexPerk Visa Card It allows you to earn points that are redeemable for travel on virtually any airline, much like our very favorite reward card, the Capital One No Hassle Miles Rewards Card.

Although the terms are a little different, it looks like it will be just as easy to earn free trips and other rewards with the FlexPerks card as it is with the Capital One card.

The interest rate will probably be the same as on your WorldPerks card, and the annual fee is only $49, which is also waived for the first year.

But if you fly Northwest/Delta all the time, why split your rewards between two frequent flyer programs?

You’ll still be earning miles in the Delta program from all your travel, and you might as well take advantage of the American Express card to pile up as many miles as you can.

And one of FlexPerks biggest selling points — the ability to use your rewards on lots of airlines — probably doesn’t mean much to you because you’re such a loyal Northwest/Delta customer.

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  1. M Sijd said:
    on February 4th at 09:36 am

    The author doesn’t address the fact that many places don’t take Amex. The old card was Visa, and was chosen as such for a reason. Amex offers many disadvantages, starting with non-acceptance in many places. Stores don’t like Amex because of its high fees. MOst of their offerings don’t let you run a balance if you need to.

  2. M George said:
    on April 30th at 02:46 am

    Don’t change! More than a dozen times a year, I am stuck because multiple sites refuse the AMEX card. I would change in a heartbeat, if I could find a another Delta SkyMiles card. I am a loyal Delta fan, but AMEX has left me “high and dry” more times than I can count. The higher $95 fee is a rip-off for a card that is accepted only 50-60% of the time ….