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Have Gas Prices Changed YOUR Habits?

Because of the success of our last poll, “How are YOU Spending Your Stimulus Check?” we are running another poll this week.

Gas prices are soaring and are showing no signs of letting up as we head into the summer. n

How Have High Gas Prices Affected Your Everyday Life?
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  1. Dan Tanner said:
    on July 30th at 03:47 am

    Yes gas prices have changed my outlook for ever. I will never drive the same again.

    Now I check your tires pressure, keep cars tuned and drive only when needed and I bundle all errands in one loop. Also own a smaller car. I can go on but it all boils down to common sense and good habits of conservation.

    May they develop cars that run on Ethanol and CNG like in India and Brazil and eliminate our national dependence on fossil fuels entirely.