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Free Tacos Halloween Night!

Taco Bell is my usual stop for Saturday lunch.

But I may postpone today’s trip because Taco Bell’s offering everyone a free Black Jack taco from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Black Jack tacoThese babies usually cost 89 cents and I can’t find anything on the Taco Bell Web site that says you have to buy anything to get your free taco. Although who can eat just one taco?

The Black Jack isn’t quite as tasty as the previous limited-time special, the Volcano Taco. But the Pepper Jack cheese sauce is still pretty good and the whole thing is a modest 210 calories for those of you who are counting.

We can only hope that Yum Brands is prepared to pull this off. Its last “free food” promotion — the one used to introduce Kentucky Grilled Chicken at KFC in May — was a disaster.

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  1. AXMAN said:
    on October 31st at 10:34 am

    Dude. I’m there. And I won’t be worrying about no stinkin calories.

  2. Sam B said:
    on November 1st at 08:27 pm

    So funny story…I am a bouncer on the weekends and last night there were two guys dressed up for halloween as a volcano taco and a blackjack taco. Blackjack taco got too drunk and I had to kick him out.