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Almost FREE Southwest Airlines Ticket Offer


Southwest Airlines will give you a FREE domestic round-trip airline ticket for applying for their VISA Signature Southwest Credit Card.

Apply for the card, make a purchase, and Southwest Airlines will credit you with 16 Rapid Rewards Points, enough for a roundtrip airplane ticket!

Two important notes about this card:

  • This card has an annual fee of $59 ($39 if you get the “Classic” card *see below*)
  • If you have sub-par credit, Southwest may give you their “Classic” credit card instead, which has a lower credit limit and only comes with 8 Rapid Rewards Points.

According to the discussion at FW, you MAY be able to waive the $59 annual fee. Even if you aren’t able to waive the fee, think of it this way, you’re getting a round-trip Southwest Airlines voucher, which goes for about $300 on eBay, for only $59.

Definitely a great deal for those looking to do some traveling in the upcoming holiday months. Please leave a comment to share your experiences with this deal, especially if you figure out how to waive the annual fee!

Also, if the $59 annual fee is a turn-off for you, I am happy to say that the TOTALLY FREE American Express Airline Ticket Deal has been extended until 10/10/2007.

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11 Existing Comments
  1. said:
    on September 7th at 05:11 am

    Also, please let us know if this results in a “hard pull.”

  2. Jerad Kaliher said:
    on September 15th at 09:32 pm

    Does anyone know if you are issued a generic voucher without your information on it? Or it is issued in the cardholders name?

  3. Kristina said:
    on October 28th at 05:46 pm

    Thanks for the info. A question, though, – any black out dates?

  4. Kristen said:
    on November 15th at 06:08 am

    I recently applied and received this card. I was truly excited about all of the benefits of the card such as the credits you can earn toward a free ticket. Another perk, at the time of my application, was a 0% APR on all balance transfer that were completed within the first 90 days of the card being opened. When I received my paper work in the mail, there was nothing verifying that this promotion was applied to our account. After contacting customer service, they are refusing to uphold their offer since they did not send verification in writing. Great. I love Southwest, but I can’t say the same for their choice in credit affiliates and their proceedures.

  5. jacmac said:
    on November 17th at 04:30 am

    That’s terrible! I hope they didn’t pull your credit!

  6. Ryan said:
    on December 14th at 01:39 pm

    Why wouldn’t they pull credit? She applied for the card and received it…You should ask to speak with a manager and If you get any push back just print the offer statement that you read when you applied and fax it in to them.

    By the way, the 0% offers on cards with ANY credit card company are a rip off unless they waive the “balance transfer charge.” Especially with rewards credit cards that have a baseline rate of 18%! If you want a rewards card, don’t carry balances. If you want a low rate and carry balances, get a card with a good offer on that! Otherwise the interest defeats the purpose of the rewards you value so much.

  7. Conrad said:
    on January 25th at 08:16 pm

    just got my free roundtrip airplane ticket from southwest airlines

  8. bz said:
    on January 30th at 02:21 pm

    just got my standard reward, put it up on ebay looking to make $300 cash for $59 annual fee tha they would not waive but hey $240 profit for nothing not bad

  9. poco says said:
    on August 17th at 01:02 pm

    I was at the Philly airport and they were promoting this deal where if I applied for their credit card, got it and used it one time that I would get a free round trip ticket to anywhere SW airlines flies – no one said anything about a $59 yearly fee……………..

  10. Bill said:
    on September 22nd at 09:35 am

    The rewards for the Spirit Airlines Card blows this one away… I have the spirit one and love it.

  11. lostcyclist said:
    on June 11th at 09:44 pm

    The new Southwest card offer is now for 20,000 miles and has an annual fee of $69. I called Chase to ask about the classic card, but they don’t offer it to new customer’s anymore 🙁

    Anyhow, the 20,000 points are worth about $333 towards what Southwest calls their “Wanna Get Away” airfares. That seems to be about one round trip ticket as their one-ways are running about $150