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FREE $75 HSBC Checking Account Deal

HSBC is running a deal on their Plus Checking Account. Sign up and get $75. To qualify for the deal you must open an account with $4000 in new money (non HSBC funds).

Please read the fine print. You need $15,000 balance in your account to avoid monthly fees. Also, your account must be open for at least 180 days.

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  1. puff pass said:
    on August 28th at 02:50 pm

    wow, .06%apy- sign me up!!!

  2. Rudolf said:
    on August 28th at 07:34 pm

    Last time I responded to one of these offers, HSBC screwed me on the bonus. HSBC is one of the worst banks I’ve ever dealt with.

  3. sam said:
    on August 28th at 07:43 pm is offering 200 dollars to open free checking online

  4. Begger said:
    on August 28th at 07:58 pm

    Rudolf , bankof america did the same to me. i opened the account for free $50 dollar and had to call them multiple time to get it. they sent me letter that the promotion code is not valid even though its still active on their website…i’ll have to call them again and again till i get this $50. complete BS and waste of time.

  5. ROB said:
    on August 28th at 11:43 pm

    worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I opened an account and had to close it within a month as a result. Also, why are they trying so hard to get money flowing in? Things that make you go Hmmm!

  6. JF said:
    on August 29th at 12:11 am

    Metropolitan bank requires a recurring direct deposit.

  7. Index Options Trader said:
    on August 29th at 02:08 am

    Those deals are not great. Stay away from used car tactics employed by banks…

  8. puff pass said:
    on August 29th at 04:20 pm

    true that index. i just checked out the fine print on the metropolitian bank “offer”, and you have to do FULL direct deposit of your paycheck of at least $500 each month for 6 consecutive months. i’m guessing their interest rate on the checking account isn’t that great

  9. Igor said:
    on August 30th at 01:15 am

    Puff pass,I also called metropolitan.They told me that each direct deposit should be minimum 500(not each month).Just saying what they told me

  10. Options Strategist said:
    on August 30th at 06:16 am

    Banks have become used car sellers pushing products with dubious tactics, fine print and other gimmicks. Sleazy as they do, step aside and stop signing that dotted line. Just walk away.. you got know when to hold and when to fold..

  11. puff pass said:
    on August 30th at 03:07 pm

    igor ur right

  12. Chris said:
    on September 1st at 03:04 pm

    HSBC sucks, so many tricks and inferior service… DO NOT choose their financial services, never!!

  13. Dollar Bill said:
    on September 4th at 02:16 pm

    Beyond the shadow of a doubt….”the WORST BANK EVER.” Don’t deal with HSBC/Household Bank or any of their “affiliates.” Dealing with them is ASKING for a problem. Hits on your credit report, TERRIBLE customer service. constant screw-up’s, TONS OF FEES, never-ending delays on accessing your own money!….and the list goes on. Seriously, F* this bank.

  14. Steve said:
    on September 5th at 04:31 am

    I have an HSBC Direct Online Savings Account and haven’t had any problems (so far). The only thing that makes me wonder is “why are they giving such a high rate 3.5% on savings”? I am suspicious of everything nowadays, so I keep waiting for the rate to come down. Does HSBC need money to lend out, and that is why they want me to put my savings into their bank at a highrate? And now they have a 6 month CD at 3.555%. My local bank has a CD at 1.5%. Why is there such a big difference? Please bankaholic, give me an education as to why they are doing this stuff?

  15. Dollar Bill said:
    on September 8th at 04:12 am

    Your problems with HSBC are only seconds from happening, I assure you. They will delay deposits to your account, so they can short change you interest they owe you. They will delay you by weeks to “release” your funds when you tell them you want to close your account. They will tell you they never received your request to close the account–in writing. Then they will tell you they got it but it’s not notarized, even though they told you it didnt have to be when you called them to ask if it did or didnt have to be. And the list goes on, ENDLESSLY.

    HSBC makes these lame offers that are only barely attractive from time to time to advertise the bank’s name—bank recognition. In the end, only one thing is for sure….you will get crappy customer service from foreign customer service agents who cannot speak fluent English, and most certainly do not understand what you are saying anyway. That bank is HORRENDOUS.

    The only way to ensure that you dont have any problems with them is to let your money sit in that savings account and dont touch it so that you don’t go under the minimum balance requirement, don’t have more than 3 transactions per month, and in essence…don’t take your money elsewhere. Good luck buddy….youre gonna need it.

  16. oreo said:
    on September 9th at 08:41 pm

    Federal Indymac has a 4.xx% on a 7 months CD currently. I signed up for it.

  17. wayn huntr said:
    on November 2nd at 05:49 pm

    lookin fort best offrs from all li & other banks!i have s s direct deposit?