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FREE $50 @ ING Direct Bank


ING Direct will pay you $50 for opening a Orange Savings Account with a $250 minimum deposit. Credit goes out to SinglePapa @ FW for spotting this hot deal in the New York Times.

Here’s how it works. Goto the sign-up page, enter the secret code “NY3”, and fund your account with $250.

You will immediately get a $50 credit to your account from ING Direct.

The 4.30% APY interest rate isn’t that hot, considering there are a lot higher money market rates and CD (certificate of deposit) rates out there, but the $50 makes it worth the effort.

This is free money with no strings attached, so there’s no reason now to do this deal.

Leave a comment if you have success with this.

Offer ends September 30, 2007, so act fast!

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  1. Frank said:
    on September 27th at 11:19 am

    Not valid

  2. Vijay said:
    on September 27th at 01:47 pm

    Not Valid — The message is:
    We’re sorry, but the referral link within the email you received has expired and is no longer valid. We recommend that you contact the sender and ask them to re-send the referral email. Or click ‘Continue’ to proceed with the application process without the account opening bonus.

  3. Go Bobcats! said:
    on September 27th at 05:41 pm

    It is working for me.

    Did you guys type in NY3 without quotes?

  4. Brad B. said:
    on September 27th at 05:42 pm

    I agree w/ Bobcat.. I just entered in “NY3”, not “CODE IS NY3”.. Worked just fine! Easy 50 bones!

  5. Brad B. said:
    on September 27th at 06:42 pm

    Does anyone use the Electric Orange ING checking account? I’m looking to move to an online bank, and am trying to decide between Citi, ING, and E-Trade.

    ING has the better rates on checking interest, and does not appear to have any fees. The online capabilites look great, and seems to have very easy transfers between institutions.

    Citi has lower rates on the checking, but the online program capabilities seem the best.

    E-Trade has a little bit of both worlds, has better savings rates, and pays for ATM fees.

    I didn’t know if there was a message board on here for online banks yet..

  6. Sean said:
    on September 28th at 05:45 am

    worked great…quickest $50 bucks I’ve earned in awhile.


  7. Jen-wae said:
    on September 28th at 06:43 am

    Hi Frank and Vijay,

    If you continue to see that expired message, clear you cookies and temporary internet files. Then try again; you should be set.

    Hope this helps. One for the money!

  8. Vijay said:
    on September 28th at 02:09 pm

    It works if you clear cookies and temporary internet files but if you already have an a/c with INGDirect, you do not get 50$.

  9. Go Bobcats! said:
    on September 28th at 05:25 pm

    Just checked my balance today and realized they gave me $50 instantly!

    Great offer IMO, although the interest rate sucks.

    I’ll be cashing out my money once everything is cleared

  10. chengj said:
    on September 28th at 06:14 pm

    I got $50 bonus immediately after sign in. But it says: “You need to verify ownership of your external checking account. This needs to be done before you can fully use your account. Please click on the ‘My Links’ tab above for details. ”


  11. jay said:
    on September 28th at 07:42 pm

    do they do a credit check? if so, is it a hard pull?

  12. Pat said:
    on September 29th at 07:31 pm

    They don’t do a hard ull.

    Though the $50 is deposited immediately you cannot access that for 30 days. You can access the money that you deposited once you’ve successfully linked your external account.

  13. Saskboy1 said:
    on September 30th at 07:14 pm

    I’ve made an effort to tell people about the $13 +$13 ING gives Canadians when they deposit $100 initially, but I’ve only had one taker so far who got their $13 while I got my $13.

    The only problem with this Orange account is that it’s in the declining US$ 😉

  14. Martin said:
    on October 16th at 09:22 pm

    I opened the ING “NY3” A/C with $250 on 10.02.07 and successfully verified ownership.
    $50 was deposited immediately however, I could not access any of the money until 10/16/07 and then, only my original $250.
    Presumably, as Pat wrote, I cannot access the “ING” $50 for 30 days but it’s still money for nothing!

  15. steve said:
    on January 26th at 11:46 pm

    they like many online banks hold your deposits min 5 days.

  16. Jan said:
    on September 18th at 02:16 am

    This is their current promo. Its not $50 dollars but still a good deal
    Recive $13 cash for opening a new account (with code) at: **$100–minimum–initial–deposit–required ** ORANGE KEY IS: 17433764S1 its a referral code and will earn me $13 as well
    Thank you

  17. Scott said:
    on February 22nd at 10:37 am

    “ING Direct Orange Key Trading” is the first Facebook group of it’s kind to emerge! Join now, find Orange Keys or post your own Orange Key!

    Welcome to the first Facebook group dedicated to trading ING Direct Orange Keys in Canada! Post your ING Orange Key for others to use, or use an Orange Key that’s been posted for yourself to use when opening a new ING Direct account with a minimum initial deposit of $100.00, to receive your bonus deposit directly from ING Direct Canada!

    Once you’ve opened your ING account successfully using a valid Orange Key, you will receive your own Orange Key to use when referring friends & family. Which in turn will turn into cash rewards for ever person you refer!
    Start by opening any ING account using any Orange Key that hasn’t expired.
    ING will deposit $25.00 to get your savings started!
    Should you fail to find a valid (not yet expired) key, you may use this fail-safe key ” 32887160S1 ”


  18. Tory said:
    on April 20th at 07:52 pm

    Here’s a working key that I just used 14424363S1 it worked for me… got it from

  19. Phil said:
    on July 8th at 01:28 pm

    Up to date ING Orange Key 14424363S1. Use this when signing up to get a free $25!

  20. ING Direct Canada Fan said:
    on July 26th at 07:36 pm

    ING is now giving 50 dollars instead of 25 for opening an accoount.

    The offer ends on August 31st of 2012, after that date it comes back to $25.

    So grab an orange key and open your account now!