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Citi PremierPass Credit Card Offer

For those who like traveling a lot and racking up frequent flyer miles, Citi has the perfect card for you. What’s great about this card is that there are NO BLACKOUT DATES, and UNLIMITED COMPANION TRAVEL.

How to get in on this offer:

  • Apply for the Citi PremierPass card
  • Make a purchase and pay it off
  • Citi will credit your account with 20,000 ThankYou points after $600 in purchases made within 3 months of opening an account.

This card has a $75 annual fee.

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12 Existing Comments
  1. Dylan Robertson said:
    on January 29th at 04:21 pm

    Hi. I was looking into signing up for this card. I understand you can still sign up as an individual but does it matter what you fill out for your business information. Do they check this or ask for verification? Also, after I get those points in my account, can I go ahead and cancel the card or must I keep it for a period of time?

  2. Eric said:
    on January 29th at 04:42 pm

    I applied yesterday and put nothing for annual business income, and they said they need “additional time” to review my application. I haven’t had any problems with getting approved for business cards in the past.

    As for how long to hold the card, it really doesn’t matter. I usually cancel the card as soon as I receive my gift card or whatever I redeemed in the mail. I have no idea how badly this might hurt your credit rating though.

  3. Dylan Robertson said:
    on February 1st at 01:43 am

    Appreciate the response Eric. I don’t think this affects your credit rating as long as your aren’t applying for credit cards every 3 months. But let me know if you get the credit card without putting an annual income.

  4. m welz said:
    on February 1st at 04:14 pm

    i keep geting booted out after typing the social.. there is no way to finish this application. even called the 800# which was like talking into a toilet bowl – couldnt understand the rep and bad connection. please advise!!

  5. Eric said:
    on February 1st at 08:24 pm


    I received an email saying that my “annual business income does not meet the minimum requirements”, so I will not be getting the card. That was the first time I’ve ever seen that question on a business card application, so I’m not too surprised it didn’t go through. I’ve had problems redeeming rewards through Citi cards in the past too so it’s not too big of a loss. If you are still looking at applying for a business card and want to avoid the annual business income questions, try American Express. Their applications are much less thorough and it is easier to get approved, but beware the annual fees associated with their cards.

  6. Dylan Robertson said:
    on February 3rd at 04:07 am


    Thanks for giving me a heads up. All I really want are the benefits from opening up the card therefore I do not plan on keeping it long enough to take the hit of the annual fees (unless American express doesn’t wave the first year). I will check out and see if American express is offering any promotions right now

  7. dc denizen said:
    on February 25th at 12:26 am

    I read the post here, and applied for this card. Maybe the rules have changed since the original post, but I wanted to share what happened to me. (BTW, I have excellent credit).

    First, before I had even activated the card, I received a statement from Citibank for the $75.00 “membership” fee. Your post says it is waived for the first year. It was not. Even when I called to speak to the CSR, she did not offer to waive it.

    Second, in order to qualify for the bonus points, I had to make a purchase of at least $500 within 30 days from the day I was approved. By the time I received my card in the mail, etc. etc., that 30 days was more like 10 days, and I had no need to spend $500 in that amount of time. I asked the CSR if I could have more time, but she didn’t offer. She kept trying to steer me towards other cards with different deals.

    So, I ended up cancelling the card.

  8. Oz Shah said:
    on February 27th at 11:26 pm

    anyone else besides dc benzien have problems with getting/applying for this card? I looked at CITI’s website on the terms, and it doesnt say anything about charging you up front for the card…otherwise, this is a great deal.

  9. anon said:
    on March 31st at 01:48 pm

    This was a pain in the a$$. Applied for the elite card. No problem. Received the regular premier pass card. Charged $500+ on the first statement. paid it in full. No points. CALLED them. Told them I should have 20,000 points. The send me 10,000 points. CALLED again. Told them I should get 20,000 points on the Elite card. After waiting 2 weeks and CALLING again, they sent me the Elite card and added another 10,000 points, PLUS THE ANNUAL FEE of $75 to my second statement. WTF. Cashed out my points, and CALLED again to somehow avoid the $75 fee. After threatening to cancel the card, I was transferred to a lady who offered to change my card to the basic premier pass level, so the $75 would go away.

    Ahh finally done. I’ll Cancel the card soon.