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FREE $125 Chase Checking Account Bonus


Get $125 cash when you open a Chase Checking Account and set up direct deposit. Offer expires Decemter 31, 2007.

  • Print out the coupon and bring it to your local Chase Bank Branch
  • Open a checking account and link it with direct deposit.
  • Chase will credit your account with $125 within 6-8 weeks.

Also remember that Chase is also giving away $50 gift certificates for signing up for their Chase Freedom card.

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  1. DeeDee said:
    on January 21st at 04:42 pm

    The current USPS Movers Guide has a Chase $125 coupon for opening an account. The coupon expires May 31, 2009 however the post office will pull this gude on 4/30 and replace with a new one.

    There is also a 10% off coupon for Lowes in there too! Went by the post office and opened an ccout yesterday with no issues. You have to set up direct deposit or have 5 debit card transactions to avoid the monthly fee – no big deal since I wanted to leave Bank of America anyway! Try out the chase debit card that earns points ($4 for every $1) spent if you are a debit card freak like me. It costs $25 a year but I know I’ll get that back in gift cards in no time.

  2. Alex said:
    on February 1st at 06:39 am

    Here are 5 codes that can be used, expire 03/10/09. $25 for opening Personal Checking or Business Accounts and $10 for Student Account.


  3. Miranda said:
    on March 17th at 10:51 am

    These expire on March 31, 2009

    Here are some codes:

    You can apply online or in a branch.

  4. D Giese said:
    on April 3rd at 08:12 pm

    I opened the Chase w direct deposit requirement and a Chase rep wrote me the Etrade push doesn’t qualify as direct deposit but gfriend had no problem, ymmv. “I am very sorry for any confusion that there may be regarding the requirement of the $125 promotion. I want
    to clarify that a direct deposit is a deposit that is
    received from an employer or the government (social
    security, pension). A transfer from Etrade is not
    considered a direct deposit. You have until 05/12/09 to
    receive a direct deposit of at least $10. Once the direct
    deposit posts to your account, the cash bonus will post to
    your account within a week.”

  5. Gloria said:
    on October 14th at 11:37 pm

    Here is a new link to get your coupon

  6. Monica said:
    on August 24th at 06:47 am

    desperately need code for cupon $100 or more new chase checking account, I do not have a direct deposit. Does anyone has a code for promo that run until 8/14/10??? Please help. THank you so much folks.

  7. claudio licatesi said:
    on May 20th at 02:56 pm

    I want on line to sin up for your coupon never come in the male. it was last sunday

  8. Tilson Thomas said:
    on August 8th at 11:42 am

    I hope I might get what you posted.

  9. Tilson Thomas said:
    on August 8th at 11:48 am

    I like my bank it has all its exiciting features.

  10. Sun Hui Ahn said:
    on December 22nd at 05:25 pm