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$100 Citi Professional w/ ThankYou® Network Gift Card Offer

CitiBank is running a credit card signup bonus on their Citi Professional Card with ThankYou® Network. I like this offer because it is very straightforward, there are absolutely no fees, and the card basically sells itself with its rewards program which provides 3 ThankYou® points for every $1 spent at restaurants, gas stations, and more.

How to Get Qualify for the $100 Gift Card Offer

  1. Apply for the Citi Professional Card w/ ThankYou® Network
  2. Once you receive the card, make $250 worth of purchases
  3. Your account will be credited with 10,000 ThankYou® Points
  4. Redeem your 10,000 points for a $100 gift certificate at any of the following stores (Target, Best Buy, Bloomingdales, Sears, Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Home Depot, GAP, Pottery Barn, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Ruth’s Chris, just to name a few)
  5. Even if you have no use for the gift card, I’m sure you can find someone on eBay who has a use for it (hint hint)

Benefits of Citi Professional w/ ThankYou Network Card

  • 3 ThankYou points for every $1 spent back at restaurants, gas, car rentals, and office supplies. ThankYou points can be redeemed for gift cards
  • No fees
  • It’s a MasterCard, so it’s accepted everywhere
  • Itemized spending report every quarter, informing you of what kinds of purchases you made. This feature is great for taxes.

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  1. Muni said:
    on January 23rd at 05:40 pm

    Thanks Ranbok. I have a 634 FICO score. Some websites says average credit is required and some websites says good credit is required so it is confusing whether it will be approved with this score.

  2. BINGO said:
    on January 30th at 12:24 am

    So, can anyone confirm what the minimum qualifying purchase is so the points are credited to the account? I thought I read somewhere that the $75 annual fee is waived the first year. But are there any fees with the account – if it gets closed within any certain timeline?

  3. Lechon said:
    on January 31st at 07:29 am

    Sorry can’t confirm the exact minimum, but I bought a $15 pizza and I was given the points in about 2 days.

  4. Ginger said:
    on April 24th at 07:01 pm

    I have been reading all your post. Someone stated that all you needed to do was to buy a pack of gum to get the gift card. But, when I got to apply for the card and read the fine print it says you must spend $250.00 then you will get the $100.00 gift card. Has one else experienced this message?

  5. Benny G said:
    on May 11th at 12:57 am

    the heck with those $100 offers, you can now get $200 for opening a no fee checking account with Metropolitan National Bank in Manhattan. They also give you back all the atm charges from other banks. it seems almost too good to be true

  6. JasonA said:
    on June 1st at 02:19 pm

    I took a look at the offer this morning, and when I closed the window a popup showed up showing “earn 5000 additional points just for applying now” for a total of 15000 points. So I applied, but it says ” Further processing is required at this time.” I think I may be denied because a few months back I applied for and received the Citibank Professional card. I ended up earning $100 at Chilis, $100 at Sears, and $15 statement credit on that deal!

  7. JasonA said:
    on June 1st at 02:27 pm

    Sorry, ignore the above comment.

    This is the card where I earned 10000 points, then 2500 more for clicking the X to close the offer window. After I received the card, I used it, and I was givin 11000 points. So I called and yelled at Citibank, escalated to manager, and he said sometimes there is a “glitch” in the system so after I told him I have proof of the 12500 offer (screen shot), he granted to additional points to make 12500. Then I used card for a month or two, earned about 22000 total, and redeemed points for $100 Chillis card, $100 Sears card, and $15 statement credit. Way cool deal!

  8. Klos said:
    on December 25th at 12:08 pm

    I do not think it is very actual.

  9. julia said:
    on July 13th at 07:30 pm

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