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FREE $100 @ Bank of America

Bank of America is offering a free $100 cash bonus for opening a MyAccess Checking® Account. You must be a current Bank of America credit card customer to qualify for this banking bonus.

Open the checking account with a minimum $25 opening deposit and use coupon code CH100CTA to get this deal.


Bank of America supplies customers with access to checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, investment management, wealth management, and insurance policies. Meanwhile, small businesses can access checking accounts, credit cards, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and merchant card processing services. In addition, corporations continue to rely on the services offered by Bank of America. The Bank of America offers asset based finance assistance, asset management, card processing solutions, dealer finance services, equities, foreign exchange options, futures, government services, insurance services, investment solutions, leasing options, merchant services, mergers and acquisition advisory, real estate finance options, treasury management services and more.

You will receive your $100 credit to your new account within 50 days of opening your new personal checking account online. Limit one $100 incentive per household every 6 months. This is a special offer to Bank of America credit card customers and only valid only for new MyAccess Checking® accounts. You must use the Offer Code CH100CTA and fund your account with the $25 minimum opening deposit requirement within 30 days in order to qualify for this offer. We may report the value of any premium to the IRS. Offer may be withdrawn or modified at any time without notice. The $100.00 credit can only be made to your new account. This new account must be still open at this time to receive your $100.00 credit.

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24 Existing Comments
  1. lily said:
    on June 21st at 02:49 am

    i have a bank of america credit card, and my application went through with no problems!

  2. larry hopkins said:
    on June 22nd at 09:27 pm

    Oops! $ 5.95 monthly fee unless you open a direct deposit. Nice scam by BOA- who also might be called the new “immigrant friendly bank” as reported in the news.

  3. said:
    on June 22nd at 10:39 pm

    Hi Larry,
    Where does it say that? In the advertisement it said no monthly free.

  4. Sean said:
    on June 25th at 04:45 am

    The $5.95 is wavied if you open the account online. I just did it asked the BofA rep before submitting the application. Great website….I’m always looking for these types of deals.


  5. said:
    on June 26th at 04:14 am

    Thanks Sean, hope to see you around.

  6. paul said:
    on July 4th at 04:38 pm

    i already have an account with BOA and also a Credit Card. They asked me to login and provided all my information. Nevertheless, I received a hard pull on experian 🙁

  7. James said:
    on July 28th at 06:56 pm

    The offer for Bank of America is very good, but the bank does have a bit of a reputation for account closures without warning, excessive overdraft fees, customer records security and multiple charges for overdrawn accounts.

  8. soulstealer151 said:
    on August 7th at 05:11 pm

    just signed up for a bank of america creditcard and then open account today with BOA for this deal but they didn’t ask me my credit card # so I don’t know if they will give me my $100 or not.

  9. Kyle said:
    on August 13th at 04:56 pm

    Opened the account a month ago. Just got the $100. Spoke with customer service – was told that account must be kept open for 90 days, otherwise $100 will be retracted. Also told that one online bill payment must be made from this account before my next statment, otherwise $5.95/fee will be assessed. Could find no mention of these requirments in the fine print.

    Still worth it…just a little more of a headache than I previously expected.

  10. natty gann said:
    on August 17th at 12:19 am

    I just signed up for a MyAccess checking account yesterday (on-line). I called customer service a few hours later to see if the application and promotion code worked. It did! And they knew all about the $100 rebate. THANK YOU!!

  11. Theresa said:
    on August 17th at 10:57 am

    Excellent! Signed up 7-22-07. Already had a BOA credit card so I aquired an account online, dropped $25 into it and just got my $100 credit, 8-17-07. Thank you…Keep up the good work! Appreciate the 90 day tip from Kyle.

  12. FrankL45 said:
    on August 21st at 04:03 pm

    Expired a/o 8/21/07

  13. Stephen Weinstein said:
    on September 2nd at 08:31 pm

    Opened account in April. It is now September and I have still not received the $100. Also, they are charging the $5.95 after they specifically said, both in the ad and on the telephone, that they would not.

  14. Carol Shepherd said:
    on September 13th at 05:04 pm

    Hey, Today is Sept. 13 and BOA says the $100 deal is not on now. Just thought you should know as I received the link in my email from you today.

  15. Kyle Leigh said:
    on October 8th at 07:05 pm

    Congration to those recieved the $100.00. This isj very much a fradualant advertisement or misled advertisement. I opened acc. on 5/29/07 and recieved a notification to my email on 6/10/07 without account #. I called on 6/22/07 to inquiry about my welcome package. The reps advised me to wait and will be mailed out to you soon. I recieve the packages & return a signature card. I made a bank transfered deposit on 7/3/07. I made several attempts and complain about the credit. However, the reps keeps saying that it has been over 30 days. My opinion is that I made a deposit in 30 days because I didn’t know about the account set up until 6/10/07 and has a deposit on 7/3/07. Is there anyone with the similiar problems in their delay the credit or should I just closed out everything.

  16. said:
    on October 15th at 06:53 pm

    Bank of America is offering a new $100 promotion. Check it out on the “Deal of the Month”. Thanks and great job on the site – keep it up.

  17. Phally said:
    on November 7th at 04:31 am

    Contact BOA customer service and talk to them about your rebate. I don’t think BOA will wanna lose you to other banks. you’ll get your money.

  18. Andrew said:
    on November 27th at 05:35 am

    Thanks The new promotion looks great. The offer code is AOU2611 and is good until 1/31/08.

  19. Russ said:
    on December 6th at 01:21 am

    This site’s got some really good offers, super easy to collect on them:

  20. cardhopper said:
    on December 29th at 08:43 am

    great site – but the admin should tell russ to cool it with his insidious promos for that smartyounginvestor site. his postings are on every comment board i’ve been to. furthermore, i checked out the site, and it’s not all that.

  21. Tony said:
    on January 2nd at 11:57 am

    Updated Fine print:
    Offer expires 2/29/2008 and is available through our online application or in any Bank of America banking center. Offer does not apply to second or multiple checking accounts and/or existing checking customers. Student checking accounts are not eligible for this offer. Bank of America associates are not eligible for this offer. All accounts are subject to our normal approval process. This form must be presented at the time the account is opened if account is opened in a banking center. This minimum deposit required to open a new, personal checking account and receive the $100 offer is $100. We will make every attempt to directly deposit the $100 into your new Bank of America checking account. If for any reason we are unable to do so, a check will be issued as a replacement. We will deposit the money within 90 days of opening your new account. Limit one check per household. To the extent required by law, Bank of America will report the value of the offer to the IRS on Form 1099. Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of the account holder. For interest-bearing personal checking accounts, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is 0.05% as of 12/3/2007 for any account balance. The rate may change after the account is opened. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Please consult a Banking Center, visit or see the Personal Schedule of Fees for other account fees, rates and information.

    2 Total Security Protection is not available on small business credit cards.

    3 Not available in Washington or Idaho.

  22. cynthia said:
    on February 4th at 07:09 am

    Took forever to get my money but it worked! Applied for on-line account in August and just received the money last week!

  23. Lawrence said:
    on October 9th at 12:33 am

    Good day

    This is to all customers,this is a new promo in our banking now we are offering just 50 customers $200.for more Mr lawrence

  24. bob said:
    on January 5th at 10:21 pm

    The worst bank in the U.S. only my thought could be wrong.B of A=Bend over fee account._ B of A . Simple