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For Frequent Flyers: Travel Website Cards

The four major online travel agents all offer their own rewards credit cards. And they all more or less offer the same thing: a bonus for booking with their site using their branded credit card.

Some of the bonuses can proove more lucratrive than others. But outside of travel-related spending, the rewards on these credit cards are fairly standard.

Most come with an option for a free card or one that charges an annual fee.

Generally, the annual fee cards offer better value if you’re a frequent traveler — and a frequent user of travel-booking sites — and the fees are mostly reasonable.

Here’s a rundown on some online travel credit cards:


Expedia’s two credit cards let you earn points in Citi’s ThankYou program.

The Citi Premier Pass/Expedia Card — Elite Level card carries a $75 annual fee. You earn two points for every dollar you spend at Expedia, two points at grocery stores and gas stations, and one point on all other spending. You also earn one point for every mile you fly.

You get a $100 statement credit after you book your first trip on Expedia, which more than pays for the fee during the first year. You also earn a complimentary companion travel ticket when you use the card to purchase a round-trip coach-class excursion ticket for $299 or more.

The Expedia World MasterCard has no fee, but the rewards are less attractive. You earn two points per dollar on Expedia purchases, one point everywhere else. You earn only one point for every three miles you fly and $50 off your first Expedia booking.

The Elite Level card includes a 0% introductory annual percentage rate for seven months. After that, you’ll be charged a variable APR of 12.99%, 16.99% or 21.99% based on creditworthiness.

The free card charges 14.99%, 17,99% or 22.99% APR. There is no introductory offer.


The Priceline Rewards Visa Card also comes in two flavors.

The $29 annual fee version lets you can earn twice as many points as the no-fee version and gives you more options to earn them.

To begin with, you get 5,000 bonus points — worth a $50 statement credit — after your first purchase or balance transfer.

You then earn four points per dollar on all “Name Your Own Price” purchases and three points on all other Priceline purchases. You also earn two points per dollar in one of three categories (groceries, home improvement or utilities) and one point on everything else.

With the no-fee card, you earn two points on Priceline purchases and one point on all other purchases. You also get 2,500 bonus points — worth $25 — after your first purchase or balance transfer.

Both cards offer 0% interest for the first nine months. After that, you’ll pay 13.24%, 16.24% or 19.24% APR.


Travelocity offers two American Express-branded credit cards, one with a $39 annual fee and one without.

With the $39 card, you earn five points at Travelocity, two points on gas, groceries or restaurants, and one point everywhere else. Each point is worth a penny, so 5,000 points gets you a $50 statement credit.

You get 7,500 bonus points, a $75 value, after just one purchase. You can also earn $400 in bonus rewards after you make $4,000 in Travelocity purchases.

You can also earn up to 5,000 points with a balance transfer in the first 30 days.

With the no-fee version, you get three points per dollar at Travelocity, one point per dollar on all other purchases and a 5,000 point bonus after your first purchase.

You can also earn $400 in bonus rewards, but you have to spend $6,700 at Travelocity to get it.

You’ll receive a 0% introductory APR for nine months. After that, each card carries a variable APR of 13.99%, 21.99% or 24.99%.


Orbitz offers only a no-fee card through Capital One. You earn one point per dollar on all purchases, three points on bookings.

In addition, you earn bonus points depending on what kind of booking you make, such as 500 points for airline tickets, 1,000 points for hotel reservations and 2,000 points for a vacation package.

You’ll get 0% APR on purchases for a full year. After that, you’ll pay 13.9% to 19.9% variable APR.

Compare these cards with the offers for airline miles credit cards in our database.

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