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Florida Deal: 39-Month CD Pays 1.75%

Florida quarterWe try not to cover special CD rates at the same banks over and over again, but Florida’s HomeBanc has made this a difficult rule to follow.

It currently has two certificate specials we can’t ignore, paying:

  • 1.40% APY for 3-month CDs.
  • 1.75% APY for 39-month CDs.

Both require a $10,000 minimum deposit of new money – funds not already on deposit at HomeBanc – and have a maximum deposit of $75,000.

The top nationally available 3-month CD rate on our CD Rates Leaderboard is so pathetic – 0.51% APY – that we’ve stopped writing about the term altogether.

The 39-month special beats the 36-month leader by nearly three-tenths of a percentage point.

How other local 3-year CDs rate

Institution APY Location
Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union 2.02% Texas
Lower Valley Credit Union 1.81% Washington
Bay Ridge Federal Credit Union 1.75% New York
Cintel Financial Federal Credit Union 1.75% Ohio

New money isn’t the only stipulation for buying these certificates of deposit.

Neither are available to customers who’ve taken advantage of HomeBanc’s previous CD promotions and closed their accounts in the last 24 months.

So that means if you purchased the special 3-month CD we highlighted in March and then closed your account when the term ended, you would not be able to take advantage of this offer.

You also have to be a resident of Florida and buy them in person at one of HomeBanc’s 14 branches in Belleair Bluffs, Clearwater, Dunedin, Kenneth City, Lake Mary, Largo, Pinellas Park, Sarasota, Seminole, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Winter Park.

Chart showing the average and top 3-year and 3-month CD rates

Learn more about HomeBanc at or call 813-228-8300.

Compare these returns with the best CD rates from scores of banks in our extensive database.

UPDATE 9/30/14: HomeBanc is no longer offering the 3-month CD special at 1.40% APY.

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