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First Internet Joins Top 5-Year CD Rates

First Internet Bank of Indiana is now offering one of the top nationally available 5-year CD rates.

The online bank based in Indianapolis is paying 2.65% APY with a minimum deposit of $1,000.
First Internet Bank of Indiana is paying 2.65% APY on these certificates of deposit.
That’s not quite as much as you can earn with the best nationally available 5-year CDs.

But it’s good enough to rank among the eight best rates in the country and far better than the current average of 1.66% APY for 60-month CDs.

You can buy these certificates of deposit online and this deal is open to savers in all 50 states.

Click here to compare First Internet’s return with the best CD rates from scores of other banks in our database.

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  1. Nuts said:
    on October 8th at 06:02 pm

    Not even close. You should be doing a much better job. Look around. If you do, you would find one for 3.75%. You never have the best rates. You are way overrated.

  2. Bryan said:
    on October 9th at 01:15 am

    Yes, there are better rates than 2.65%. I like First Internet not only because they have a above industry rate, but also because they are a financially safe bank.

    Nuts – Can you share which bank is offering 3.75%? The top 5 yr rate I know of is 3.03% at Melrose Credit Union…

  3. thomas h. said:
    on October 9th at 02:57 pm

    Hey Nuts, I think you’re nuts. Any bank offering 3.75 percent on a 5 year CD has to be a small community bank that only sells to local customers. And I haven’t seen a deal like that from any of the banks around here in months. So if you’ve got the goods, name names dude.

  4. Nuts said:
    on October 11th at 01:44 pm

    Pentagon Federal Credit Union. Membership is open to all.

  5. Toots said:
    on October 11th at 03:45 pm

    Guess what, nuts? Today PenFed CU is paying 2.75 on a 5 year CD. You’d have to go 7 years to get close to 3.75 — and it’s 3.49.

  6. thomas h. said:
    on October 11th at 04:07 pm

    Yeah, and membership isn’t open to all, either. You pretty much have to be a government employee, ex-military or work for a government contractor. People like me who toil in the true private sector can’t meet the criteria. Here is where the membership qualifications are laid out:

  7. Judy Y said:
    on October 13th at 01:00 pm

    I get so frustrated reading these blogs on Pen Fed. For a small donation to Military Families, you can join Pen Fed right on their web-site. It seems like the info from so many bloggers is half-#!?ed. Sorry