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Take Home A Healthy 2.00% On 1-Year CDs From Financial Health FCU

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Behind a truly off-the-charts offer in Tennessee, Financial Health Federal Credit Union is offering the second-highest 12-month CD rate we’re aware of from any bank or credit union in the country.

Indianapolis-based Financial Health is paying 2.00% APY on a 1-year term, with a modest $500 minimum investment.

On our CD Rates Leaderboard of the top nationally available bank certificates of deposit, 1.30% APY is the best you can currently earn over 12 months.

Indeed, you’d have to lock in for a full four years to score 2.00% APY from a national bank.

Financial Health’s impressive offer earns it its first-ever appearance in our constantly updated rankings of the nation’s best-paying CDs from credit unions and community banks.

A search through Bankrate’s extensive database of the day’s best CD rates will be further evidence of how tough this deal is to even match, although since offers can crop up quickly, it’s still always smart to do.

Membership in Financial Health is open to anyone who lives, works or volunteers in these Indianapolis ZIP codes: 46201-205, 46208, 46218, 46222, 46224 and 46225, plus portions of 46221 and 46241.

In addition, all employees of the Indiana University Health system, comprising 15 hospitals and medical centers throughout the state, are eligible to join.

Customers new to Financial Health must come to one of the credit union’s four branches in Indy or Avon to establish membership. Existing members, however, may open a certificate of deposit online or by phone.

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