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Just One Bank In Chicago Closed On Aug. 6

Only one bank was seized by regulators on Friday, pushing the total number of failed banks to 109 for the year. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and Illiniois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation closed Ravenswood Bank in Chicago. Its deposits were transferred to Northbrook Bank and Trust Co., based in Northbrook, Ill., and all […]

Punt On GM’s Guarantee. Take The Rebate.

Anyone watching football today will see lots of ads for General Motors’ “60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee,” which allows a buyer dissatisfied with one of its new cars or trucks to return it for a full refund. But offers like this always come with so many rules and loopholes that the only thing you’re guaranteed to get […]

Payment protection is a bad buy

Credit cards are taking advantage of the recession to push “payment protection programs” that cancel or defer payments if you’re laid off, disabled or die. But the benefits these debt cancellation or suspension programs provide are surprisingly limited when you consider the cost. The fine print is also loaded with restrictions and exclusions that make […]

Eat for free at KFC

The fast-food chain is teaming up with America’s favorite serial-dieting talk show host to promote its new Kentucky Grilled Chicken. The result is the hottest coupon to hit the Web in months: “The Oprah Winfrey Show” free chicken dinner. Download this KFC coupon and you can get a free dinner — 2 pieces of the […]

Kia Soul pegs the cool meter

We’re awfully taken with the 2010 Kia Soul, which just went on sale this spring. We admit that part of the appeal are the hilarious ads with the tune-loving, claw-tapping, commuting rodents. But Bankaholic’s Auto Critic (yeah, we’re full of surprises) has spent some time behind the wheel and thinks the Soul is a good […]

A new type of trust may be able to solve many estate planning problems

Many wealthy Americans today are worried about what will happen to their estates after they are gone. Although many different types of trusts have been designed to help alleviate this problem, a new type of trust, called the “inheritor’s trust” has a level of flexibility that is unmatched by other estate planning vehicles. This type […]

Understanding the Probate Process

You’ve worked hard all of your life to provide for your family and loved ones. Now you can relax, knowing that they will be taken care of once you’re gone. Or will they? If you are assuming that your assets and personal effects will automatically go to your spouse, you may be in for a […]

Protect your disabled heirs with special needs and payback trusts

If you or a loved one has a child or other heir that is mentally or physically disabled, then you may have major concerns about how to provide for that person once you are gone. Statistically, the odds of becoming disabled are much greater than the chance of an untimely death. Furthermore, the financial impact […]

Know how a durable power of attorney can protect you

Millions of Americans are more than willing to purchase life insurance on themselves and their loved ones in case of death, disability insurance in case of disability and long-term care coverage to cover assisted living expenses. However, many of them are not aware of simple legal document that can greatly aid their families in the […]

When is permanent insurance really necessary?

For millions of Americans, the choice between term and permanent insurance can be a confusing one. A number of variables factor in to whether one is more appropriate than the other for most consumers, such as debt level, health and longevity, and the size of one’s estate. There are a number of arguments on both […]