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Why anti-foreclosure efforts fail – Part 2

As I said in my last post, it’s becoming quite clear why none of the government’s heavily-hyped foreclosure-prevention programs seem to work. Most of the blame has to be laid at the feet of the banks and mortgage companies that made and service all of the deceptive, unaffordable loans that created the housing crisis. The […]

Why anti-foreclosure efforts fail – Part 1

President Obama’s anti-foreclosure program is off to a better start than either of President Bush’s completely failed efforts. But that’s not saying much. Only about 100,000 homeowners have been offered mortgage modifications through “Making Home Affordable” since the program began this spring. At that rate, it will never reach its stated goal of saving 4 […]

Dateline’s “Mortgage Madness”

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy NBC’s news magazine took a good, long look at the cause of the mortgage crisis last night. Dateline doesn’t break a lot of new ground. But starting with the story of Paula Taylor, whom Countrywide loaned $260,000 to buy a condo near Boston […]

Cutting our credit in half has got to hurt

We all know that credit cards are slashing credit limits and closing accounts, even for customers who’ve never missed a payment. But you may be surprised to hear just how much credit the banks that issue Visa and MasterCards, and credit card companies such as American Express and Discover intend to take away from us. […]

What is a Home Mortgage Short Sale?

With the foreclosure rates jumping across the nation, more and more homeowners are faced with quickly selling their home in order to avoid foreclosure. Yet, the housing market is so flooded in some areas that houses can sit on the market for several months, and sometimes years, before they sell. If you are an individual […]

Disadvantages of Buying Foreclosed Homes

With the cost of purchasing a home rising seemingly by the minute, many thrifty buyers are enticed by the prospect of buying property at less than market value. One of the most common ways to do this is to purchase a home that has been foreclosed on by the mortgage lender. Most of the time, […]

How a Short Sale Prevents Home Foreclosure

The loss mitigation department of your mortgage lender is charged with handling short sale properties. During a short sale, you will be selling your property to an interested buyer for less than the amount you actually owe on your mortgage. Short sales are thoroughly investigated by the mortgage company and the process can be long […]

How to Buy Foreclosure Homes

Buying foreclosed properties has become so popular that there are even television shows based on buying them, fixing them up, and putting them back on the market to make a quick profit. Whether you are interested in purchasing a foreclosed home to sell or to live in, foreclosure sales are a great way to pick […]

How to Stop Foreclosure

Although there are few people who plan to default on their mortgage loan, life happens, and, all too often, we are faced with unexpected expenses, job loss, divorce, or other financial disasters. Although financial experts suggest that we all have a minimum of three months expense cushion in our savings accounts, the reality is that […]